Editor’s Note: A Big Week for We Are Libertarians

Please allow your editor-in-chief to toot the horn a little. It’s been a big week for We Are Libertarians, and I am proud of all of those that have contributed to its success. If I don’t tell you how well things are going in WALand, who will?

  • Last Friday, our network was able to score this interview with Ron Paul. In it, he made a little news. He had been on MSNBC with Alex Somebody-or-Another, and she was very rude. So we asked about it. His response was then featured on MediaiteHuffington Post, and TheBlaze. It led to five times the traffic we’ve ever had, and consistently throttled our website. This bump added over 100 new podcast and blog subscribers, respectively. (It also helped improve the site’s infrastructure.) Who said MSNBC is worthless?
  • One of our WAL episodes, Number 52, has been downloaded and streamed over 1,000 times as of today. I can tell you that number humbles us, and it is hard for us to express our thanks for spreading the word about the podcast.
  • Also, our very own Gena Martinez penned her first column for NUVO, the local newsweekly in Indianapolis.
  • Greg Lenz and Chris Spangle also debuted in the Howey Politics Indiana weekly edition. Greg covered the Ron Paul event, and Chris wrote a column on noninterventionism. Chris will write a column regularly for the prestigious news journal that covers Indiana politics.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, we launched a new podcast, Raw Audio Politics! Check it out here.

We want to thank all those that listen, share our stuff, and write in with nice comments, constructive criticism, and questions. You all have made this a fun 9 months. Please keep spreading the word.

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Chris Spangle is the host of the Chris Spangle Show, History of Modern Politics, and Liberty Explained, podcasts on the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network. He is also the co-host of the Patdown podcast, a comedy podcast with comedians Ms. Pat and Deon Curry. Chris Spangle has been podcasting since 2007, and now teaches podcasting at PodcastingAndPlatforms.com. He also hosts the public affairs radio show “We Thought You Might Like To Know...” on Indiana radio stations which focuses on nonprofits.

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