Hillary Clinton Announces Her Bid for the White House

In the least surprising move in recent political history, Hillary Clinton announces in a video released April 13, 2015 that she would seek the 2016 Democratic nomination for President. Why a video? Hillary has been out of the limelight, and her recent email press conference was considered a poor showing. A video is scrutinized, and no errant phrase can slip. No bad angle can be photographed. No baby left unkissed or hand unshaken. It helps control her image and message. Both are key for her in 2016. A lack of discipline in candidate and campaign led to her loss in 2008.

Rand Paul countered with his first campaign ad. Curiously, it isn’t building his name ID. It is attacking Hillary. Why? I think it fits into Rand’s smart strategy of utilizing social media by arming his young base with tools to share his message. Millenials want some social media ammo. So in that way it builds name ID.

Both candidates are signaling the power and large role that social media will play in the coming months.

Here is the audio of Hillary’s announcement.

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