Episode 009: Doctors Getting Worked Over by the ABIM with Dr. Wes Fisher

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Episode 009: Doctors Getting Worked Over By the ABIM with Dr. Wes Fisher

Once again we revisit the issue of maintenance of certification (MOC) only this time with a lurid tale of conniving, cronyism, and dishonesty. Today’s tale is of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) which is charged with setting the standards for board certification for about one quarter of America’s physicians. Their exploits have made the rounds even in the lay press and many physicians have called for the torches and pitchforks to take on this seemingly corrupt board.

Dr. Wes Fisher stumbled upon the story with the extra time he was afforded while recovering from surgery. The questions he posed publicly was noticed by a forensic accountant, Charles Kroll, who also had time on his hands. Together they have uncovered an almost unbelievable tale of corruption, million dollar offshore accounts, downtown real estate purchases, and missing tax filings all on the backs of the physicians they claim to support.


Join Eric and Wes as they tell the tale of the ABIM and how they abuse their own physicians with little respect for their time, talents, or money. Whether you are a physician or not, you will want to get involved and visit the GoFundMe page to begin a class action lawsuit against the ABIM and its parent organization, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). I donated after the show and urge you to do the same – even $5.

Dr. Wes Fisher, an electrophysiologist from Chicago, uncovered this tale of corruption and retells it in this episode.

show notes

Dr. Wes’s Home Page: The place to follow Dr. Fisher and his continued reporting on the shenanigans at the ABIM.

GoFundMe class action lawsuit against the ABMS/ABIM: Click here to donate to end MOC with a class action lawsuit.

Practicing Physicians of America: The organization leading the charge in the lawsuit. Join today whether you are a physician or not you can remain updated by signing up.

Why You Should Care About Maintenance of Certification with Dr. Meg Edison A primer on the maintenance of certification issue and why physicians are so upset and leaving the practice of medicine early.

What Happened to All the Medicine: The interview with Dr. Mass discussing the role GPOs and PBMs have in creating meciation shortages referred to in the show.  

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