Debate #1 for the Libertarian Party of Indiana Nomination for Governor by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

(Thanks to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz,, WIBC, and Network Indiana for allowing us to repost this audio.)

In conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Indy Politics has hosted the first debate on March 22 2016 between the party’s two nominees for Governor, long-time east central Indiana advocate Rex Bell and Fishers businessman Jim Wallace.


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The two touched on a number of issues from transportation, taxes, roads, LGBT rights and whether Libertarians can tap into the current disenchantment of the two-party system which is helping feed the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The debate will air this weekend on our weekly public affairs program, Indiana Issues, but you can hear the entire discussion above.

Each Leon-Tailored Audio segment runs approximately 15 minutes each and divided by topic.

Part 1 –  Candidate Introduction and Jobs

Part 2 – Roads and Infrastructure

Part 3 – RFRA/LGBT Rights/Drug Abuse

Part 4 – Education

Part 5 – Politics & Closing Statements

The Libertarians will choose their candidate at their state convention April 22-24.


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