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For years I have been asked about a way to buy We Are Libertarian T-Shirts. One of our co-hosts recently went to work for TeeSpring and I was really pleased with their quality. I’ve been working with professional designers to create some really cool designs for the launch of our store, and I am excited to reveal our first design to celebrate the launch of our inaugural offering of shirts. This is a month-long test run to see if there is a demand for merch, and for this vendor. Don’t hesitate to get yours now in case we decide this is a one-time offering. – Chris Spangle

The torch design is only available for 7 days. Get yours now before it is too late! 

Patreon members at the Royal Court and Emperor’s Circle level have already received a discount code for FREE SHIPPING. Join today, and we will send you the code AND a FREE poster. Click here to sign up.

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