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McCain will Ax Earmarks, Not Spending

John McCain’s largest plank in his reform platform is the elimination of earmarks. As any politician does, he says one thing and then does another. I...


Democratic Convention Recap!

1 PM Update: Ran into Dr. Woody Meyers. He is a delegate. His only future Political plans were to come into the convention and vote as a delegate...


Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul

Who is more like Ronald Reagan? John McCain and George Bush or Ron Paul and Bob Barr? In Fact, here is the entire speech. We’d be wise to heed his...


Bob Barr on Why He Switched

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More Democratic Lunacy…

From the Failed Policies of the Past File: Mike O’Connor may step down later this summer as Marion County Democratic Chairman. His replacement? Ed...


Bob Barr vs. Ron Paul on Policy

Here is a comparison of the policy positions of Ron Paul and Bob Barr, courtesy of Third Party Watch. Non-interventionism Ron Paul: “Non...


Please Help Fight the Fairness Doctrine

Please help Mike Pence bring the Broadcaster Freedom Act to pass. If your representative has not signed on, PLEASE CALL THEIR OFFICE TODAY! Don’t let...


McCain vs. Barr

Reason’s Matt Welch and National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru debate over whether voters should support Bob Barr or John McCain in this video. Welch...



I left early Friday afternoon to Batesville, Indiana for a wedding. It’s closer to Cincy then Indy. So I missed all of the major flooding, since I...