I left early Friday afternoon to Batesville, Indiana for a wedding. It’s closer to Cincy then Indy. So I missed all of the major flooding, since I returned this morning. I’ve not really seen many pictures, so I am still trying to get some frame of reference. Our house had 6 feet of standing water in the court. The window that serves as a fire escape route was full of water, eventually broke, and flooded a room of the basement up to the knees. Then one of the sump-pumps stopped. Luckily, the plumber was already headed over since we’ve had sump pump problems recently, and the water was heading up the driveway. They sucked out all the water, and there is just a lot of wet carpet.

There is no worse feeling then being 2 hours away, and unable to help when there is an emergency. The worse feeling is standing at the window of your house, and watching water rapidly approaching the house, unable to stop it. But this wasn’t Myanmar or China.

But at the end of the day, this is stuff. If the basement floods, it’s stuff that can be done without or replaced. In this small disaster, only a lot of stuff is ruined, and not a lot of families or lives. My mom was out in her drive way with 5 gallon buckets doing god-knows-what when several of the neighbors saw her and came over to help. This probably saved our home.

So take a moment today to thank the god of your choice that we live in America, where neighbors still help neighbors and thousands of lives were safe yesterday due to the brave members of our civil service organizations.

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