AuthorMatt Wittlief

Matt Wittlief is a libertarian working as a consultant and leader inside an analytics technology start-up based in the Bay Area. Matt has been active in the Libertarian Party serving in a variety of local, state, and national roles and ran for U.S. House in 2016 on the LP ticket. More of a strategist than traditional activist, Matt likes to study history, economics, and political science and bring his ideas and insights to others as an author. He resides in Indiana with his wife and three kids.


Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

We have the Electoral College.  The Catholic’s have a papal conclave of the College of Cardinals.  While there is plenty of smoke blown here in...


Health Care Statistics

In this next installment on health care, we will turn to the numbers. I’m a numbers guys, so I always like to look to the data to see what we...


Human Needs and the Social Safety Net

This article will be the third installment in a discussion on healthcare/insurance reform. In this first entry, I argued that insurance, in its true...


Rights and the Health Care Debate

You’ve probably heard something like this before: Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege. Every man, woman and child in our...


Insurance and Public Utilities

Back in the summer of 2009, a much younger and fresher Barack Obama and his allies in the Democratic Party had health care at the center of attention...


Executive Power – What’s Next?

We recently celebrated President’s Day. As we continue to watch the development of the Trump presidency, this seems like an opportune time to...