Government Waste: Fighting Bad Programs with Easy Math

The common crux of the libertarian/anarcho-capitalist argument is the defunding of social programs. Counter to our platform, many scientists, educators, and social workers argue that while many government programs are wasteful and harmful, the programs that they support offer an irreplaceable benefit to humanity. These are genuine and charismatic public figures that I love and […]

You May Already be an Anarchist: Auto Insurance

The topic of justice in an Anarcho-capitalist society often surfaces. Many people have told me that they are interested in the basic theory of justice in the absence of a government, but whenever they attempt any research anarchists are either unable or unwilling to respond adequately. Part of it is because a lot of these ideas […]

Peffers: Adam Vs Activism

On Independence Day, 2013, Adam Kokesh and, at the time of this writing, over four thousand potential accomplices plan to hold an open carry protest in Washington DC. That’s right, an open carry protest in Washington DC. One last time, an open carry (meaning handguns in outside the waistband holsters AND/OR long guns) protest in […]

Peffers: Marriage Equality and Contract Rights

Gay Marriage is back in the public eye with the US Supreme Court hearing opening arguments for two cases this week. The laws in question are Proposition 8 (Prop 8) from California and the Defense of Marriage Act (DMA) banning federal recognition of same-sex marriages. While the talking heads debate endlessly about this topic as […]