How did Hoosier Libertarians do in 2008?

From our Chairman, Todd Singer:


The Libertarian Party of Indiana would like to thank all of those who ran as candidates. Their hard work has brought greater vote totals and legitimacy, and has grown the party significantly. We would also like to thank those who have helped our candidates. Running for office with no staff, little money, and few volunteers is a difficult task. When Libertarians stand up to help other Libertarians in their bid for office, it can be a richly rewarding experience for all. Thank you to those who gave their time and money to our candidates.

Above all, thank you to all those who voted for any of the LPIN candidates. We hope you will continue to support liberty in this way.

The LPIN had an impressive year in 2008. All corners of the state had significant gains despite the heaviest straight-ticket voting in recent memory. We competed and grew in an environment where the Big Two spent $5.3 billion to spread their messages. These numbers speak to the LPIN’s significant growth, and the public’s continuing desire for a third, liberty-minded option. Here is a snapshot of some of the LPIN’s accomplishments in 2008 as of October 7, 2008 (numbers are still coming in, and may be higher when certified.):

  • All of the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s Federal candidates won a total of 70,673 votes. This year, the LPIN had 6 candidates. In 2000, the LPIN fielded 11 Federal candidates, with a total of 59,188 votes (excluding that year’s Senate race.)


  • This year, the LPIN had 14 State-level candidates. They received a total of 84,047 votes. In 2000, the LPIN fielded 37 candidates, with a vote total of 80,574. This is a tremendous number, and speaks to the need to field a record number of state-level candidates in 2010.



  • In 2000, Harry Browne won 15,530. In 2008, Bob Barr won 25,358 votes. Indiana is the ONLY state that gave over 1 percent of their vote to the Barr/Root ticket.



  • In 2000, Andy Horning earned 38,458 votes. In 2008, Andy won 47,257 votes.

Now some numbers and facts from our individual campaigns:

In 2002, Rex Bell was only the second person to win a precinct in the history of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Wayne County has added some new names to that honor this year:

  • Rex Bell, District 54 candidate, won 8 precincts, (6 in Wayne County, 2 in Henry County) polling as high as 64%. In the District 54 race, Wayne County percentages increased from 23% in 2006, to 37% this year. In the same race, Henry County percentages increased from 9% in 2006, to 32% this year. Overall, he took 33.5 percent of the vote in his race.


  • Cheryl Heacox, Wayne County Commissioner District 2 candidate, won a precinct, and finished second in 5 others.



  • Jon Bell, District 56 candidate, won a precinct in a heavily gerrymandered Democratic district, and finished with over 20% of the vote.



  • Gayle Bond, Wayne County Commissioner District 3 candidate, made a strong showing, finishing with over 40% in 5 precincts.



  • Wayne County Council candidates Jim Mikesell and Marvin Heacox made a good showing, finishing in double digits in several precincts.



  • In Madison County, Robert Jozwiak ran an energetic for the House District 37, a heavily Gerrymandered Democratic district. A Libertarian has never run in the district, and Jozwiak earned 1,197 votes, or 4.42 percent of the vote.



  • Another first time candidate was Ryan Liedtky in Northern Indiana. Marshall is an unaffiliated county with three Libertarians that meet once a month. Liedtky is the first Libertarian to run in the Republican-run county. He knocked on over 500 doors in his bid for election to the Marshall County Council. He earned 1,762 votes, or 3.59 percent of the vote against 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats.



  • In Hendricks County, both Michele Colson and I received over 19 percent of the vote in our bid for Hendricks County Commissioner.



  • In Southern Indiana, Eric Schansberg was in a highly contested race. Schansberg’s opponent’s both had a collective war chest of $3 million. Despite this, Schansberg increased his vote totals by 2,000 votes. Schansberg’s campaign raised an impressive $30,000.



  • In Marion County, Ed Angleton ran a two way race with a beloved Democrat, and finished with 15.8 percent of the vote. Ed knocked on countless doors, talking with residents of the district one to two hours a night. Ed wore out a pair of shoes, and one of his knees. Ed raised $4,500 from friends and neighbors, and put out a mailer that impressed local Democrats, Republicans, and members of the media.



  • In State Senate District 30, Steve Keltner managed to make a 16-year incumbent work to earn votes for the first time. Steve ran an aggressive campaign for two years, that rivaled his opponents in the last days of the campaign. Steve raised over $10,000, and used $6,000 for TV ads the last few days of the campaign. Steve won 7.2 percent of the vote.



  • Even the LPIN paper candidates saw a dramatic increase, with most averaging 5 percent in their races.

As you know, we have hired an Executive Director, Chris Spangle, within the last month. He has already begun to coordinate our 2010 elections. Our ballot access race is the Secretary of State race. If we achieve two-percent, we are considered a minor political party, which is our current status. We will remain on the ballot. BUT I believe our ideas deserve major party status, which is 10 percent. This is our aim in the coming 2 years.

There are some ways you can help:

1. Please join the 1994 Society. It is a monthly donation program to the Libertarian Party of Indiana. The money will be used for preparation for the Secretary of State race and other Libertarian Candidates. These preparations include organizing county organizations, organizing College Libertarian groups, and recruiting candidates. These activities cost our new Executive Director a lot of gas money! Please support our 2010 campaigns by signing up today. There is no set bottom. We suggest $10, $20, or $30 a month. That is a dollar or less a day to support liberty in Indiana! One can sign up on, or call Chris Spangle at (317) 920-1994.

2. Join your county organization. Check website for your county affiliate, contact them, and get involved! If there isn’t someone in your county, please consider organizing one. Contact Chris Spangle at if you need more information.

3. Consider running for office. A successful, active campaign should start today. Contact Chris Spangle or myself if this is something you’d like to explore. It is not a coincidence that the areas that run consistent, active campaigns have the strongest county organizations. Statehouse candidates will also be instrumental in achieving a higher vote total in the Secretary of State race.

Thank you for you support of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.


Todd Singer
State Chair

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