McClellan, we hardly knew ye!

You’d think Scott McClellan was at Hitler’s birthday party over the weekend. The cries of, “I don’t know this man!” are coming from every Conservative corner. You’d think Scotty clicked his heels, raised his hand, and yelled, “Heil!”

A caller this morning said that this book should never have been able to be written. I then commented that maybe it should be burned! A joke of course, but meant to finish that line of thinking. Every book should be able to be written. It is up to the reader and book buyer to decide whether or not they will read or buy it.

A listener wrote me, and said that I as rude and disrespectful to the caller when I said that throw-away line. Was I wrong? Please comment. I don’t think I was.

Books shouldn’t be written. Lines that expose dangerous thinking should not be spoken. Pundits who disagree should lose their radio and television shows. Dissent should be silenced. This is un-American, and there is nothing wrong with pointing that out.


-Bill O’Reilly had it right tonight: McClellan said Bush mishandled Katrina. Right. Bush used propoganda to sell the Iraq war. Right… Scooter and Turd Blossom conspired over the Valerie Plame case. Forgive me if I am bored. No big story here.

– Here are the story lines in the McClellan story:

On the left – The biggest liar in the administration after Bush, Rove and Cheney was McClellan. Now he is a great truth teller.

On the right – This is not the faithful soldier we knew, so it has to be that the publisher wrote it. They found McClellan, seduced him with 30 pieces of silver, and he put his name on it.

Either way, this is a dangerous man that should not be listened to.

I take the O’Reilly approach. There is not much of a story here.

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