The Problem with the NYT Story

Two Problems with this NYT story:

1. Broad Ripple in the middle of a weekday isn’t really a great representation of Indiana. The Broad Ripple White Liberals are a rare breed in this state. Most people are normal. So I really don’t think this story should be taken seriously.

2. Second, the White Liberal arrogance is showing through in this story. They make a point that most unsophisticated country bumpkins are looking for a reason not to vote for a black guy. Country-folk and Rednecks are not racists. In fact, I have met more racists in metropolitan areas then in the country. Just because you have to drive to see your neighbors, it does not mean you are a racist.

And if they are racist, they are not looking for a reason NOT to vote for a Black man, they have it! His skin! Racisim is fairly easy to spot in the country. It’s a badge of honor in some, but in most, racisim is deplorable. It’s sad that the rebel flag flying jerk-offs in the country give the truly good hearted country-folk a bad name.

At some point, the person who says, “People in rural areas are looking for a reason not to vote for a black candidate” need to examine their own heart.

Minister’s Comments Hold Little Sway in Indianapolis Enclave
Published: May 2, 2008
People interviewed in Indianapolis say the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s highly publicized comments, and the responses that have followed, will have little bearing on their vote.
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