Gary Welsh is a Baby

Anyone who listens to our show knows of our needling ‘Rupert Pupkin.’ We’re speaking of Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana. Unfortunately, since the election, RP has taken the sad path of Thomas Paine. Once a great voice of the revolution, now a sad figure descending into screeching madness, and ultimately obscurity and deeper insignificance.

I consider being Producer for A.I.M. like sitting in the crow’s nest of a ship. Essentially you get to survey Indiana politics in a non-partisan, intimate way. You get to meet most of the players. I have become friends with many of the other bloggers, and time and time again, I have heard of Gary Welsh writing a nasty email to a blogger or talk radio show host when that said opinion maker disagrees with Welsh. He crosses the line, and he always threatens to sue.

Bravo to Bil Browning for outing RP’s annoying little habit of being a jerk. Read it here.

Also check out Blue Indiana posting on this.

And this…

And read the comments. I am sure a red-faced RP will be posting his drama-queen hate aimed at all who dare disagree with the wisest, litigious, and smartest three year old the city.

P.S. Has anyone noticed that all fights, disagreements, and back-biting between bloggers in Indy have Gary Welsh square in the middle of them?

P.S.S. I know all of this smacks of a group of thirteen year old middle schoolers having a fight on instant messenger, but who cares. He started it!

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