In Defense of Beth White

I am taking some heat because I defended Beth White this morning. I remember hanging around the Election warehouse during the counting of the Scott Keller ballots (who won by 3 in a recount in 2003), and watching Doris Anne Sadler cry because of the shady dealings of Ed Treacy and his crowd. We can debate all that some other time, let’s focus on this election day. Most polling places opened on time, and fairly smoothly. There were about half a dozen polling places that did not open on time, but were operational after an hour. I would say that is a pretty successful election. Why? Let me share a note I recieved this morning:
It’s chivalrous  of you to defend Beth White in stating that she can’t be responsible for many of the snafus of this morning-such as the individual poll workers not showing up. I beg to differ.  As Abdul commented, she is responsible.  It is her job to make sure that those working for her-election office workers, party and township officials, down to precinct committeemen and poll workesr, all understand their duties and make sure that they and those under them, are ready to fulfill them.
Why were ballots missing when other supplies were available?  That should have been noted and reported last night when inspectors prepared their voting locations, and taken care of by this a.m.  Poll workers didn’t show up?  Each committeeman, having been prodded by their ward chair, who was prodded by their township chair, etc., etc. should have been making phone calls the night before, had contingency plans for last minute problems,etc.
Buildings weren’t open?  Calls are made not once, but twice, to make sure that keys for buildings are available or emergency phone numbers for building supervisors are known.
The magnitude and type of the voting problems under Beth White’s term are avoidable and are being repeated. Yes, we all make mistakes and some are out of our control.  But this should be the absolute last time that any excuses or defense can be made of Beth White and her organizational abilities.

I agree that perfection should always be the goal, but this is an imperfect science. Beth White once promised perfection as the clerk, and has not delivered. The GOP candidate for her job in the next cycle will promise a perfect election, and if elected, will not achieve it. I am not saying that these mistakes are ok or right, I am just trying to be realistic. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to organize a few hundred volunteers, but it’s like herding cats.  Anything is better then last May.

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