A Note to Rupert Pupkin

First Read this: advanceindiana.blogspot.com/2008/03/abdul-hakim-shabazz-has-hit-rock-bottom.html

Now here is my response to him, posted on his comments page. He probably will not post it, but Just in Case.


1. You can hear the discussion in question here: wxnt.radiotown.com/3-4-08_GWBSGD.mp3

2. The only thing muslim about Abdul is his name. And for you to insinuate that Abdul is passively supporting Carson because they are both muslim is a ridculous statement. Abdul and Carson are opposed on most issues. If you paid attention to Abdul’s actual words as opposed to your fictional subtexts, maybe at least ONE of your pieces of analysis might be correct.

3. That conversation was started by me this morning. So if anything, I am the one supporting Carson. I am sick and tired of people spreading rumors on blogs about a person’s sexuality who are over 25 and not married. Elrod has had a girlfriend for at least more then a year, but because he is 29 and not married, people spread the rumor that he is gay. That lead in to the discussion of why American society thinks that people over 25 whom are not married are either homosexual or damaged goods.

The goal was not to spread the rumor, because if you listened this morning, we mentioned Elrod once, maybe twice to steer clear of the exact reason that you mention. The goal was to get those who want Elrod or other singles to define his sexual preference. It just is not that important, and should not be an issue, just as Carson’s Muslim faith or skin color shouldn’t be an issue either. The only issue should be their policy issues.

You of all people should agree with those statements. But you have this weird Rupert Pupkin-like fascination towards Abdul that is unbecoming, and clouds your judgement.

4. Abdul’s parents were never members of the Nation of Islam. Beware of the black helicopters 8:40AM.

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