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Dear Chris
One question I think we all would like the answer to is this. Why the hell don’t the politicians understand they need to CUT SPENDING AND CUT TAXES. They all say we will have to cut police and fire, well  BS. Cut the waste quit giving us the standard knee jerk Police and Fire BLAH. Please ask that question when you get a chance.




The answer is whether or not the  politician views the government as a tool to provide services, or whether the government is to be financially fit, and follow genrally accepted accounting principles. Is it about service or money? Is it about using to government to force people to behave a certain way? Or is it about protecting citizens from those who would use to government to behave a certain way?

It isn’t really about GOP vs. Democrats anymore… It’s about Authortarians vs. Libertarians.

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Chris Spangle is the publisher and editor of We Are Libertarians, a news site and podcast that covers national and Indiana politics from the libertarian perspective. Spangle previously worked in marketing for the Englehart Group on behalf of the Advocates for Self-Government. He also served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and producer of the Abdul in the Morning Show. He now works as the web director of a nationally syndicated morning show.

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