Indy Undercover’s Identity and Abdul

Sorry if this is too inside baseball for some. If you aren’t sure what’s up, check out Advance Indiana.

I am sitting here reading all of the blogging going on about the demise of Indy Undercover and Abdul’s involvement. To be honest, a lot of the stuff I am reading in the posts or the comments are so dumb. It’s like watching an episode of The Hills, only the people in this show aren’t as good looking.

Abdul is probably not going to comment on it since there are important things going on, and he has some class. I have none.

Since I actually know the truth from Abdul’s perspective, I’ll fill all you gossip-loving blog readers in on the truth from this side of the mic:

I sit across from Abdul every morning, and he spends the entire show blogging. In the 8 months I’ve worked closely with Abdul, I have never seen him log in to Blogger. We’ve had conversations of the nature of IndyU, but Abdul has never once hinted that he is the author of, or affiliated with, Indy Undercover. If Abdul has influence or has accomplished something, I am usually the first person he brags to, lol.

Plus, I’ve met a couple people who have contributed to Indy Undercover in my travels. Any person who’s truly connected in local politics right now should have met a couple of contributors to Indy Undercover over the last few months.

Now, I am considered “Abdul’s sidekick” by most. I am not just someone who pushes buttons on the show anymore. He has put up with having someone inexperienced and nagging on trips to his “important” meetings and gatherings. I have earned the ability to do this over the last 8 months by gaining Abdul’s trust, and the trust of those he runs with. I am lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people, and I am able to hear many interesting side conversations. I am smart enough to keep those to myself. If Abdul had told me, or hinted to me, that he was IndyU, I wouldn’t be posting this. (That’s a preemption for all the “Wilsons” out there that will just comment that Abdul wrote this post, lol. (Seriously Wilson, you need to get your own blog.))

A thought for the bloggers still writing about this:

We are discussing changing the government structure in Indiana. We are discussing changing the way we collect taxes. We are talking about amending the Constitution of the State of Indiana. We have a Governor that has radically changed Indiana in less then 4 years, and may still lose his seat. We are looking at a possible unseating of dozens of State Representatives and Senators. We are less then a month away from a new Mayor and City Council from taking control of Indianapolis, and no one knows if this team can pull it off. We have Julia Carson stepping down, and there are a dozen people on either side of the aisle wanting to run. A possible civil war in the Marion County Democratic Party. And if all of this isn’t enough, we have 20-some people running for President of the United States in both parties. It’s a political junkies dream year.

And we are all talking about a probably illegal search warrant concerning a blog that now no longer exists.

I’d honestly rather talk about The Hills.

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