My philosophy as a state legislator is based on something said by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘Cowardice asks, “Is it safe?” Vanity asks, “Is it popular?” Expedience asks, “Is it politic?” But conscience asks, “Is it right?” There comes a time when a person must do something, not because it is safe or popular or politic: they must do it because it is right.’” — State Rep. Bill Crawford

“I will say categorically, and your audience can do whatever they choose to do, That I defend Aaron’s right to call you Willie Lynch. I do not defend your right to use the “N-word” on your airwaves, or to defend anyone who uses the C word. And anyone that equates [those two], is a small minded person in my mind.” — State Rep. Bill Crawford

Representative Crawford, Abdul has not used to “N-word” on these airwaves in a derogatory manner. He has not defended Rishawn’s use of the phrase “Zip Coon.”

So ask your conscience, “Is it Right” for you to defend Aaron Haith and his racially insensitive statement that Abdul is Willie Lynch’s Grandson?

You ask for our audience to have a reaction. Ok. You may contact State Representative Bill Crawford via the Indiana House Democratic Caucus at (317) 232-9600.

Feel free to call the Marion County Democratic Party at (317) 637-3366.

Also, give your city-councilor a call, and ask what their opinion of these comments are.

And for God-sakes…. VOTE ON TUESDAY!

(If you are still confused about who Willie Lynch is, check it out here:

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