Trump v. Hillary is Outstanding for Liberty

By: Mike Tront- Support Mike on Patreon

After every primary, social media explodes with sorrow and sadness. Our world is coming to an end and the signs are everywhere.


All the gains Ron Paul fought for are being engulfed in a sea of Trump nationalists and Bernie socialists.

I’m here to bring some sanity back to the Liberty movement. Trump and Hillary are both tyrants and neither will do a damn thing for human freedom, but they will drive people to discover libertarianism.

The worst circumstance for your freedom would be for a likable politician to gain the reins of power. I think back to Reagon and Clinton I:

Both loved by the establishment.

Both genuinely likeable people.

For all their expanses of government power, they both paid lip service to keeping government small. Even Clinton I said “The era of big government is over” at one point! Could you imagine a Democrat saying that today?! When top politicians pay lip service to smaller government, libertarian alternatives aren’t sought by independents.


However, under Bush II and Obama, all the lip service ended. Both were and are unabashed supporters of bigger government being the only solution. This directly lead to the Ron Paul movement starting after Bush II, and the current crop of libertarian minded people in Congress today like Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul. Not to mention major cable news shows being handed to John Stossel, Kennedy, and Judge Napolitano. All of this was unimaginable before Bush II.

Whoever wins this thing will make things worse, but sometimes we have to take one step back in order to take two steps forward. The more war, debt, and prisoners the State creates, the more fed up people become.

Please share this with your depressed freedom loving friends! I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.


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