Lindsey: Getting Through COVID-19, Together | pt. 4

This article originally appeared on the blog of Heretic, the magazine of We Are Libertarians.

There are lots of ways for us to help our friends, neighbors, and communities during the difficult challenges that for many have already begun and will likely persist for the next several weeks, or even months. In our Getting Through COVID-19, Together series, we will look at specific ways to do just that.

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Help Recovering Addicts Stay Sober

As many public and open-to-the-public spaces continue to be shut down, Alcoholics Anonymous (and similar groups) will struggle to find meeting locations. This will be especially hard on groups that are comprised of more than ten people. The idea of having online meetings will be insufficient for many: many AA members are experiencing homelessness and often lack internet-access, especially with libraries being closed. Besides, meeting online surely does not nurture the same feelings of solidarity and support as in-person meetings.

Add the lack of meetings available to the increasingly-worse economy and social isolation, and we are set up for an explosion of relapses.

If you have friends or know someone struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse who relies on programs like AA, you can help them maintain their sobriety through this time.

Call or text them, check in on them somehow. Ask how their doing, hold them accountable, show that you care.

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