Lindsey: Getting Through COVID-19, Together | pt.1

This article originally appeared on the blog of Heretic, the magazine of We Are Libertarians.

There are lots of ways for us to help our friends, neighbors, and communities during the difficult challenges that for many have already begun and will likely persist for the next several weeks, or even months. In our Getting Through COVID-19, Together series, we will look at specific ways to do just that.

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In the coming months, many industries – white and blue collar – will be hurt severely by the economic fallout of COVID-19. One of the industries that is already feeling the pain of this pandemic is the food and drink industry – restaurants, breweries, food trucks, bars, etc.

Many states and cities are ordering the closure of these establishments. Even in areas where they remain open, a large majority of customers are going to stay away. This has already resulted in large numbers of food-industry workers being left temporarily unemployed and laid-off.

Small, locally-owned restaurants will be especially hurt by this. One way we can all help alleviate their pain while still practicing social-distancing is to find out which restaurants/bars/etc. in your area are remaining open and providing curb-side pickup or delivery service. Many cities, newspapers, magazines, and community websites are already making lists of these places to help you do this. If not though, it’s as easy as a Facebook post asking your friends if they know of any. Check out mine from earlier today:

Obviously you don’t have to eat out every day. But personally I’m going to try to purchase from some of these establishments once or twice a week.

It’s critical to keep yourself safe and healthy during all this, bu it’s just as critical to do the same for your community. Here’s one way we can all do just that.

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