Is Obama Right On Cuba?

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Obama is making efforts to open the doors to relations with Cuba after 50+ years.

For years I’ve thought about what Cuba would become if the borders were opened up. Currently, there’s two million people solely reliant on a ruling class dictatorship, technological stuck in the past, and with no hope of a quality life.

Average monthly salary is between $17-$30 a month, and average pension is less than $10 a month. And for you #FeelTheBern types, only the elite have Internet access:


So with all this poverty and technological stagnation, why has the ruling class Castro family, with Fidel having an estimated $900 Million net worth, still in power?

To answer that, we have to ask what do the Cuban people blame for their poverty? The Castro Regime blames the U.S. because of it’s crippling sanctions. The average Cuban blames the U.S. as well:



And they are both right. Without the free flow of people, products, ideas, and labor, the Cuban people have been nothing but hostages on a giant island work camp. Completely reliant on a benevolent, extremely wealthy ruling class to provide each person with just the basics to exist. While the average person receives less than $1 a day in their slave wages, the elite Castro family has gained unimaginable wealth.

Once this Island is opened up, it will be like the Internet, or Bitcoin, or Uber. There will be no stopping the rapid advancement. The genie will be out of the bottle. The Cuban People will have opportunities to earn a living and indulge in all the pleasures of life the average American takes for granted.

At this point the Castro Regime will have no choice but to allow personal and economic freedom to its citizens just to stay in power. I’m happily optimistic it will be the beginning of the end for poverty in Cuba, and the end of the rule of the way less than 1% in Cuba. (What is 1 family divided by 2 million, anyway?)

Thanks a lot, Obama.



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