Harrington: Libertarians Should Be Excited by the Rand Candidacy

My opinion on Rand Paul’s presidential announcement is exactly as any follower of WAL would expect: excitement. It’s no secret that I am WAL’s biggest Rand Paul fan.

I’m not just a supporter of his because I believe he supports ideas which I agree with, but also because the rest of America thinks that he is a libertarian.

THAT really excites me.

Rand Paul is more than simply an opportunity to get a liberty-minded individual in the White House; it is an opportunity to spread the ideas of liberty further than we have ever been able to spread them before.

Libertarianism will be scrutinized, it will be studied, it will be attacked, defended, discussed, debated, and turned over again and again. This is EXACTLY what we should want as libertarians: the exposure of our ideas and the opportunity to persuade.

It’s great that Rand Paul is a libertarian who understands how to win elections, but it is even greater that he can do it while exposing libertarianism to new audiences.

I believe in Rand Paul. He hasn’t given me any reason that he doesn’t support libertarian values. Sure, he plays the political game and speaks the political language, but at the end of the day I’m not in the business of winning any “good libertarian” contests. I’m about freedom; I am about getting sh*t done.

Rand Paul is not the only means to that end, but he certainly is *a* means, and a powerful one. If libertarianism is to succeed, then it has to grow through his candidacy. Paul has an opportunity to do that with this campaign and, should his campaign be successful, his presidency.

Because of that, I ‪#‎StandWithRand‬

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Creighton Harrington is 26-year-old libertarian who writes for WAL occasionally and yells on podcasts uncontrollably.

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