Harrington: Greenwald Attacks are Not Surprising

It’s to be expected that status quo apologists would waste no time attacking the character of Greenwald because of his role in the NSA leak story. Of course, whether Greenwald was a saint, a demon, or just a typical American would make no difference in regards to the validity of the evidence leaked by Snowden. The NSA has STILL been spying on everyday Americans and it is STILL a travesty of justice and the Bill of Rights. The evidence for that is not in question.

What is most disappointing about this aspect of the overall NSA story is that these “journalists” only go down this road of personal smears because it works. To borrow a term from a friend of mine, it represents the “Kardashianization” our culture; gossip and personal characteristics are more interesting – important even – to the average person to the point that it has the potential to relegate the historically significant truths brought to light by Snowden and Greenwald out of the public forum and replace it with irrelevant, TMZ level dribble. Americans should be upset that the NSA is spying on them, but they should be as equally pissed that they have allowed themselves to be typified as “People Magazine/Us Weekly” cattle who don’t care about the NSA story in the first place.

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Creighton Harrington is 26-year-old libertarian who writes for WAL occasionally and yells on podcasts uncontrollably.

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