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This article originally appeared on the blog of Heretic, the magazine of We Are Libertarians.

Steven K., a contributor to Heretic, recently interviewed Shane Hazel, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s candidate for U.S. Senate. (Steven has asked that his full name not be released.)

The following has all been provided by Steven.

Shane Hazel, a Georgia raised Marine Combat Veteran was nominated at the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s 2020 Convention to run for United States Senate. Hazel previously ran in 2018 for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District and since then has hosted the podcast The Rebellion with Banks and Shane along with political consultant, Banks Wise.

Libertarians should give The Rebellion with Banks and Shane a listen. While featured conversation topics on the show vary widely from the Anti-Federalist Papers to the war on drugs to Libertarian Party in-fighting, the show also introduces listeners to liberty minded legislators across the nation. The podcast has featured guests such as Maine’s Eric Brakey, West Virginia’s Mike Folk, Virginia’s Nick Freitas, and Georgia’s Matt Gurtler.

Hazel has no easy path to victory in November. He will face Republican incumbent David Perdue and the Democrat nominee in the general election. In 2014’s senate race the Libertarian received only 1.9% of the vote and in 2016 only 4.2%. Despite the odds this could be an exciting campaign for the liberty minded. Shane has made many interesting friends and acquaintances through his show. It will be interesting to see what kind of endorsements he may receive, what fundraising may look like and perhaps more importantly, how effective he will be in influencing debates and conversations.


Steven K.: How were you introduced to libertarian principles?

Shane Hazel: My brother Brett introduced me to Ron Paul somewhere around 2005. It was a gentle, “you should check this guy out.” And interestingly enough due to just having experienced first-hand the lie that was the Iraq war thru OIF I, II& III I was primed to hear the truth Dr. Paul delivered.

SK: Those who supported you in 2018 have patiently waited to see what you may do this election year. You previously ran as a Republican and picked up nearly 30% of the vote in the primary your first time out against an incumbent. What led to you leave the Republican party?

SH: The Republican Party led me to leave the Republican party. As a hometown, family man, Marine combat vet, that tought the Constitution, Inalienable rights and Austrian economics to be treated with hate and vitriol to the degree I was, was eye-opening. I knew Republicans voters had strayed from their beliefs, but given the contrast between the incumbent Rob Woodall, with a 50% constitutional voting record and an even worse spending record, I believed they would drop him given this opportunity. But most Republicans are all talk, will vote out of fear of “democrats” and don’t do their homework on their reps, especially the office holders in the GOP. They predicate themselves as the party of “fiscally responsibility, constitutionally adherence, ardent supporters of the troops, Christ-followers and the defenders of rights.” However, reality is the party leadership down to the county chairs are corrupt liars that care about only one thing, power. The flagrant abuse of power and outright lies to control the narrative and election for the bought-and-paid-for incumbent was just astounding. They are literally controlled opposition for the democrats. I had to see it for myself, and glad I did.

Then I found the Libertarian Mises Caucus, organized by Michael Heise. He had recruited Libertarians back to the LP based on principle while outing Nick Sarwark for his absolute disregard for principle. Furthermore he had brought in fellow podcasters Tom Woods, Dave Smith, Larry Sharpe, Michael Boldin and seriously principled candidates like Josh Smith & Jacob Hornberger. That’s when I decided to talk to Michael Heise on my show, and I was sold. The passion, fire and energy are roaring back and to be part of this movement truly humbling.

SK: Politics today is enamored with Donald Trump. Where do you see politics going once Donald Trump is no longer in office?

SH: I think we are already seeing a decentralization. The US Empire is falling no matter what the politicians and propaganda machines tell you. Despotic federal gun, drug, property, military, currency, and surveillance laws are being nullified across the nation every year which is amazing. This will continue and speed up as we get closer to the economic collapse of the Fed. And once it collapses, there will be no other choice. Our job is to convince people to decentralize as peacefully as possible.

SK: Your opponent Congressman David Perdue voted for H.R. 1158: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020. This act funds Departments of Defense, Commerce, Justice, Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, and so many more. How would you have voted for H.R. 1158?

SH: Hell no! As I will on most everything that doesn’t reduce the size, scope and spending of government. Debt equals enslavement and the government has enslaved millions not yet born. How Americans have lost sight of this can be squarely placed on the government indoctrination system.

SK: Can you identify any particular departments of the Federal Government you would vote to fund today (assuming those departments were going to be held accountable and funded only what you believe would be needed to accomplish its mission)?

SH: Americans ran out of money over $23,000,000,000,000.00 ago. Maybe $24 trillion by the time I finish this interview. It’s really simple, I can’t sign off on enslaving future generations. The aristocratic combination of government and corporations has a come to Jesus moment coming and I’ll be happy to hasten it for what they’ve done to peaceful people around the world for the last 100 years.

SK: What legislation would you champion that you believe would benefit Georgians, and why?

SH: I will support any bill/policy that transfers power, treasure and property back to the people where it belongs, along with any bill that removes restrictions on individual rights.

SK: Who as a United States Senator would you be most excited to work with in Congress? Is there any particular legislation you would support that has been previously proposed by sitting members such as Mike Lee’s Open Waters Act (repealing the Jones Act) or Rand Paul’s Penny Plan?

SH: Mike Lee and Rand Paul on the Senate side. Thomas Massie, Andy Biggs, Justin Amash, and Chip Roy in the House. These guys all have grade-A constitutional voting records. I love Thomas Massies’ H.R. 899 Abolish the Department of Education bill. But, I’ll be more than happy to work with anyone I can from either party to end all the wars (including the drug war), end the federal reserve, and end the empire abroad. And as a Senator and a veteran, I think working with President Trump especially on a peaceful foreign policy would be a great honor.

SK: The entire nation had its eyes on your state May of last year when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law additional abortion restrictions. Abortion also happens to be one of the most controversial topics among libertarians. 2016’s Libertarian Party nominee for President Gary Johnson identified as pro-choice and former Congressman Ron Paul identified as pro-life and believed states should decide how to handle the issue. Some libertarians identify as personally pro-life but struggle to imagine a means of enforcing abortion restrictions without infringing on freedoms of association or privacy.

Please share your views on abortion and the kind of legislation you would support related to the issue if any.

SH: I hate this topic. Usually I have a pretty good answer for just about everything, and here I don’t. Killing peaceful people is wrong, that includes babies. Government isn’t the answer for anything, including killing babies. Giving people that are known murderers, cheats and liars power over others isn’t going to solve the problem of people murdering babies. Look the government has power over it now and over 70 million babies have been murdered, many with money taken by force from peaceful people that don’t support killing babies. We’ve got to face facts; government is not the solution to our problems this is just one more example.

SK: How can readers learn more about your views and how to support your campaign?

SH: We have a ton of content on The Rebellion which will continue during the campaign. You can like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Soon (if not already) I’ll have up our webpage to take donations and we’re going to need them. You can donate at, and thank you in advance for donations and sharing on social media. We’re going to bring people together with this campaign and the duopoly parties and their blind followers will hate us for it and for spreading the ideas of peace, liberty, and free markets. Imagine that!

A big thank you to Shane Hazel for participating in this interview. You can connect with Shane through Twitter (Shane’s Twitter / The Rebellions Twitter) and Facebook (Shane’s page / The Rebellion’s page).

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