Gable: Senator Wyss, My Privacy Called. It Wants You to Give a Damn.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear there government, there is tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

You’ve really got to hand to hand it Republican state Senator Tom Wyss. Never has the long-term senator seen a trampling of individual, civil liberties he did not want to get involved with. He is in favor of 24-hour surveillance of Indiana citizens with drones.

He wants your DNA collected if you are arrested.

And, now he wants Indiana schools to obtain fingerprints for employee background checks.

To bad for the citizens of Indiana, this isn’t baseball, where we could send Wyss back to dugout after the famous three strikes and you’re out.

Perhaps Sen. Wyss is unaware that school corporations already do background checks on its employees. The searches, of which I have had one done previously when I worked for a school corporation as a coach, searches a wide variety of local and national databases using names and personal information.

But that’s not good enough for our Patriot Act loving state Senator. Sen. Wyss has introduced a bill that holds schools to the same standards of several state and federal agencies by using the FBI’s national fingerprint search, which is a service offered only through the Indiana State Police.

“The only way that you can be 100 percent sure is to have a fingerprint,” Wyss said.

Let’s see here, first he wants your DNA, and now he wants your fingerprints. I shudder to think what will come next from Sen. Wyss when it comes to database building.

I understand that Wyss is all for school safety and keeping predators out of the buildings, but does he seriously think this is a good idea?

Let’s remember the Founding Fathers, people like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin feared an out-of-control, out-of-touch, and unaccountable bureaucracy that one day would acquire the power to wreak havoc on ordinary citizens.

The men who fought to create this country, the men who understood that certain rights were unalienable, would be outraged and ashamed at today’s overbearing and overreaching attempts by politicians like Sen. Wyss.

We ask Sen. Wyss to reconsider his ploy, and again, stop trampling on the civil liberties of our citizens.

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Paul Gable is a 31 year-old husband and father of one from Fairland, Indiana. Paul graduated from Loris High School (SC) and attended Newberry College (SC), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. With 17 years in the journalism business, Paul is an award-winning journalist, having served various capacities, including sports editor for several papers. Prior to joining the Libertarian Party, Paul considered himself a Democrat. After becoming a Libertarian, Paul became involved with the Libertarian Party of Indiana and affiliated the Libertarian Party of Shelby County, where he is the chairman. Paul can be reached at

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