WAL Daily 31: Ranked Choice Voting

We Are Libertarians

Ranked Choice Voting might sound like a cute little niche, but it actually changed the outcome of an election in Maine this year. Sarah Brady Wagner and Hodey Johns dive into what it is, how it would have made Gary Johnson president, and where to start if you want your state to implement it.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Ranked-Choice-Voting.pdf

BNS 47: Libertarians in the Armed Services and Ignorance in Politics with Michael Autery

Brian Nichols Show


Alrighty, folks… we’re back to our normal scheduling post-Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed our Throwback/Flashback episodes during the break.

My first guest after the break is Michael Autery! Michael is a Lieutenant in the United States Naval officer and the host of the podcast “Unalienable”, which is all about the Constitution, what it means, and how it applies to current issues. In Michael’s own words- “I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I think of my podcast as an extension of that oath.”

Today’s episode focuses on the sometimes confusing relationship between libertarianism, our United States’ foreign policy, and those members of our armed forces. Michael and I dig into these topics, discussing why members of the military tend to support those libertarian-leaning candidates (such as Ron and Rand Paul), why some service members turn towards the GOP post-service rather than the LP, and how libertarians can be more effective in recruiting these service members into our ranks. We then conclude today’s episode with a discussion on the ignorance of the average voter and what we should do to address the very real problem that an ignorant voter-base does to our democratic-republic system of government.

Bio: Michael is a United States Naval officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade), becoming an officer in the spring of 2015.
He is also the host of the podcast “Unalienable”. Before the Naval Academy, he was an enlisted sailor (Petty Officer 3rd Class), serving a total of 9 years in the Navy (the last 4 as an officer).

Michael is also an amateur bodybuilder. He has competed once before, and would like to compete again in the spring. He also hope to one day run for Congress upon his leaving the Navy. He has a total of two podcasts. He started “Unalienable” in April of 2018 and started “Philosophication with Ginger and the Beard” with his friend in August of 2018.

Find Michael online-

Unalienable Podcast: unalienable.libsyn.com/
Philosophication with Ginger and the Beard: philosophication.libsyn.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/MichaelAutery

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WAL Daily 30: Laura Ebke, Libertarian Champion

We Are Libertarians

State Senator Laura Ebke joins Hodey Johns to talk about what it’s like to actually win an election, what libertarian inklings lurk in the hearts of Republicans, and what its like to change parties in the public eye. Also, find out what’s in her future after being one of the most successful libertarians of all time.

BHOL 89: American Killed by Islanders / The Green New Deal / Manhands

Boss Hog of Liberty


Episode 89 of Boss Hog of Liberty is in your feed!

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are hosts with Kade Koger and Chase Peyton as co-hosts. This episode is basically the guys reading the internet to each other. 95 percent of it is an abuse of Chase for not being able to kill a deer, find a deer, or putting a ring on it. Most of the “manhands” comments will be funnier if you have a working knowledge of Seinfeld. Half the crew put of Christmas lights. Thanks to modern technology you can run the Griswold light show for $37 a year instead of $3800. And if you want real entertainment during the holidays, go down to the Rural King. Also…Buy your Christmas prime rib at L&K Farms.

Don’t name your kid ABCDE, don’t be a missionary in Indian without a plan, and the “Green New Deal” has mixed reviews from our expert panel.

Also…The show has a new mascot. We need your name suggestions! Poll coming soon.

We had fun…You will too.

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WAL Daily 29: Should You Report Sex Workers to the IRS?

We Are Libertarians

Usually, being against taxes and supportive of sex workers is in the libertarian wheelhouse. Just a few days ago, both were put to the test as a self-described “AnCap” began an online revolution of people reporting sex workers to the IRS for not reporting their income. Hodey Johns and Paul Copeland dive into the issue: What were his results, is this fair, and what’s libertarian ideas are at play or in conflict here?

WAL 331: What Causes Wildfires And How Do We Prevent Them?

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle examines what causes wildfires and how we can prevent them. Was Donald Trump right when he said the government makes wildland fires worse? What libertarian principles would significantly reduce both the frequency and damage of wildfires?

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Wildfire.pdf

Time Stamps

  • [00:17:11] – Spangle Plays Santa
  • [00:29:15] – How Wildfires Start and History of American Wildfires and Forestry Service
  • [01:04:30] – How Efficient Is the Government at Fighting Fires?
  • [01:12:41] – Libertarian Solutions for Wildfires

WAL Daily 28: Tough Questions- Wouldn’t Cronyism Take Over?

We Are Libertarians

One quandary libertarians face is the conundrum of the free market: If the market is free, won’t the evil big corporations be in charge? Not exactly. Hodey Johns and Paul Copeland explain how bad cronyism, bribery, and nepotism are in our current state, then guide you into what the free banking system would look like.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Cronyism.pdf

WAL Daily 27: How To Effectively Lobby For Liberty in Your Town

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle talks to Jason Doolittle about his successful efforts to change a local ordinance on homing chickens. Jason lobbied his local representatives and explains how you can do it in your town.

WAL 330: Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized, Online Community after Social Media

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Harry Price explain why marijuana was originally criminalized, what medicinal benefits it contains, and why it should be fully legal. We then discuss the impending death of Facebook and ask what the future of online community might look like in a post-social world.

Show Notes


Time Stamps

  • [00:10:53] – Marijuana Legalization
  • [01:14:07] – Facebook’s Woes Become Our Woes

Mark Blyth on How Central Banking Caused the Rise of Populism

Raw Audio Politics


Mark Blyth is a British political scientist from Scotland and a professor of international political economy at Brown University. While we do not agree on his solutions at the end, his analysis is dead on.

Video: Mark Blyth – Why People Vote for Those Who Work Against Their Best Interests