Can Libertarians Justify Physical Removal?

Physical removal, so to speak, is an idea popular in a particular segment of the libertarian population.  Specifically, libertarians who consider themselves right libertarians.  Those who may sympathize with the altright and those that may be motivated by their hatred of anyone who considers themselves politically left wing.  If you’re motivated by your hatred of […]

CNN Opinion Piece: You’re Racist If You Support Private Schools

By Mike Tront To oppose the appointment of Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education, opponents have brought out the old race card.  DeVos is seen as being open-minded to the idea of private schools.  She desires that more parents should have the option of choosing private schools for their children.  With that in mind, we […]

But Without Government, Who Will Prosecute Criminals That Hurt The Poor?

By Mike Tront In the past I’ve written about how a completely privatized, free market criminal justice system could look.  One basic theory I’ve proposed is that it would largely be based on insurance and restitution.  You’d have an insurance company that covered you for any losses you’d incur from violent crime, fraud, and even […]

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Glowingly Eulogizes Fidel Castro, Twitter Makes Him Pay

By Mike Tront Amidst the jubilant celebration of Cuban Americans upon hearing of Fidel Castro’s death, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a very different take.  Here is the full eulogy from the head of the Canadian government: “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. […]

Darrell Castle is No Libertarian

By Mike Tront Understandably, many libertarians are not enthused about Gary Johnson being the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president this year.  He has many good libertarian views, but he just doesn’t seem to apply these principals across the board.  To make matters worse, his running mate, Bill Weld, is on record supporting many anti-libertarian policies […]

The EPA Causes Pollution; Only Freedom Can Eliminate Pollution

By Mike Tront For the vast majority of the population, those of us who have been educated in public schools, or consume our news from main stream media outlets, we know that the Environmental Protection Agency is here to protect the environment.  Mainly from evil businesses who seek to pollute public lands, waters, and air […]

Trademark Law, The Chicago Cubs, and Welfare for Billionaires

By Mike Tront The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series in Major League Baseball since 1908.  This year, however, they are the favorites to win it all.  With less than a week to go in the season they have long had their division title clinched.  While the players are battling on the field for the […]

Clinton Wants Government To Take Over Your Daycare

By Mike Tront Whether it’s Trump wanting the government to build a massive wall, or Bernie wanting free college for all, or Hillary wanting to expand the warfare state, there’s plenty of big government programs being proposed this election cycle.  There’s one, however, that’s not getting much press.  But it could have a huge impact […]

Marijuana Can Be a Victory for Libertarians, Unless We Screw it Up

By Mike Tront For as long as I can remember, libertarians have been jokingly referred to as “Republicans who smoke weed.”  With Gary Johnson as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, this image isn’t going to change anytime soon!  Many, both in and outside the movement, think this image is bad for us. NBC News just […]

Crime Solving, Libertarian Style

By Mike Tront In a previous post, I talked about a future where we would live under a completely private criminal justice system.  No centralized government or force with a monopoly power on creating and enforcing laws.  The main point I made is that this future system would focus on restitution for the victim.  Basically, […]