WAL Mixtape Series: Miah Akston


Want to know more about the We Are Libertarians  squad? Recently, WAL Contributors were asked to name their Top 20 Song Favorites. Explore the list. Which Contributor’s Mixtape would you ride to?

1. “My Pace” Bleach

2. “Movin” Takacha

3. “In the House in a Heart Beat” John Murphy

4. “Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball” Diablo Swing Orchestra

5. “I Was a Teenage Anarchist” Against Me!

6. “Discord (The Living Tombstone’s Remix)” Eurobeat Brony

7. “Illmerica” Wolfgang Gartner

8. “Predator” Chrispy

9. “Twisted Nerve” Bernard Harrmann

10. “Machine Gun (16 bit Remix) Nosia

11. “Yin’s Piano” Darker Than Black

12. “NghtCall” Kavinsky

13. “Transvestites Can Be Cannibals Too” Harley Poe

14. “Chinese Whispers” Dillinger Escape Plan

15. “M.A.D.” Hadouken!

16. “The Revenant Choir” Versailles

17. “None Shall Pass” Aesop Rock

18. “Days Go By” Dirty Vegas

19. “What’s Up People” Maximum the Hormone

20. “I Feel Better” Hot Chip

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Joe Ruiz

Joe Ruiz is a writer, political aficionado, pop culture enthusiast, pro-wrestling smark, MBA graduate, former US Congressional candidate, ukulele tinkerer, Puerto Rican / American, Freemason, marketing guy, podcaster, and family man. He currently hosts The CAP (Culture & Arts Podcast) and is the Managing Editor at We Are Libertarians.

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