The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 474.


 When government funded studies come to these type of conclusions; I have a solution:

Stop wasting my tax dollars on them. They are nothing more than someone pushing an agenda NOT backed up by facts.


Joe Wolverton reports on the peril that Joseph Robertson currently faces:

Shari Dovale goes into much more detail with the facts of this case:

This is ultimately a state’s rights/property rights issue and the system is rigged for the government to win. If the EPA and judicial system do not change their demands, this turns into a death sentence for Joseph Robertson.


Harry Reid suggests using the Antiquities Act to steal the land in the west (6:45):

Property rights my friend, it’s all about property rights.


Did you know that in all the fuss over transgender bathrooms, the department of health and human services has made a ‘final ruling’ that health providers fund sex change surgeries?:

Weird, as I consider gender reassignment as an elective surgery and not a medical emergency. Boy, I am old school.


Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make sure Chicago is on the right side of the transgender bathroom issue:

I am so old fashioned. 


Utah senator Mike Lee op-ed states he is opposed to a ‘national zoning board’:

Think of it as the UN’s Agenda 21 in effect.  I agree with senator Lee on this.


Ben Swann ‘reality check’; is it time to fire the TSA (3:35):

TSA gridlock; a manufactured crisis?:

Short answer?  Yes.  The TSA wants more money.


Judge Andrew Napolitano op-ed:

Who answers for government lies?


What the CIA did was no accident, states Edward Snowden:


What our government does with our tax money is sometimes simply fascinating (2:41):

Example:  X-37B.


Obama issues another un-Constitutional decree regarding overtime pay:

IBM has already tried this, it didn’t work for them then and it won’t work any better now.  Here’s why:

Article by James Sherk.

I’m not sure how he gets away with stuff like this.  I guess a congress that refuses to call him out?


I learned a new term, ‘intentionally deceptive’…another word lawyer’s use for ‘lying’.

Judge Andrew Hanen orders DOJ lawyers to take annual ethics classes for their lying over the amnesty issue:




Bundy Ranch

 This is no longer about justice, this is about vengeance.  Judge Cam Ferenbach has denied David Bundy’s release to Milliard county sheriff Robert Dekker.

What’s that say?  His court date is scheduled for 2/6/17, so it would appear that David will remain in solitary confinement for the next 9 months (6:00):

Nothing cruel or unusual about that, is there?  Does the judge not trust the sheriff?  Time for some big, legal guns RIGHT NOW.


Harney County, Oregon citizens file a petition to recall judge Steve Grasty:

Grasty was openly hostile to the supporters of Malheur NWR take-over and denied people their Constitutional rights (like any good dictator would do).

It’s pretty obvious the locals were not opposed to the protest to the level the MSM had indicated.


It would not surprise me to find Pete Santilli meet some type of untimely death while in jail (various):

He’s asking some pretty uncomfortable questions about our federal government.





 Words of wisdom from a true patriot (5:54):

Michael Badnarik on the Constitution.






Big Pharma and the MSM:

Follow the money (in this case the board of directors). Great article by Jon Rappoport.


Michael Tennant brings us yet another case of the revolving door between Big Pharma and the FDA:

When the FDA commissioner withholds information to further line his own pockets; well, let’s just say the punishment should be very severe.

You need to read this article.  What’s the penalty for treason?


Pastor Jordan Brown drops his lawsuit against Whole Foods:


It only took Jane Sanders (Bernie’s wife), 7 years to put Burlington College out of business:

Under crippling debt incurred under Jane’s leadership, the small college couldn’t survive. A sign of things to come?


Jeff Dunetz points out the ‘double standards’ of facebook:

You can have any opinion you want, as long as it’s liberal.


Quaker Oats threatens to sue Quaker Oaks for copyright infringement:

I think Quaker Oats lawyers must have been bored, here’s Quaker Oaks funny response.


Exactly what is Target been doing lately?  Beyond the bathroom confusion, Target is suing a customer (Michael Turner) for preventing the murder of another customer (Allison Meadows) by Leon Walls:

Here’s a news report on what happened (1:40):

Words cannot describe my frustration with the Target brand.  I am not a stockholder and will not shop there, let the free market figure this out.


Stale beer?  There’s now an app for that:





 Allow for me to get on my soapbox for a minute.  One of the hardest arguments I have in trying to get others to vote different and consider a libertarian is they ‘don’t want to waste their vote’.

I use the standard ‘if you vote your conscience, you are never wasting your vote’, followed up by ‘the lesser of two evils is still evil’…usually agreed to but only in spirit.

It is interesting to note that the Ohio GOP paid legal fees of over $300K to keep the libertarian candidate for governor OFF the ballot to insure a John Kasich re-election:

The D’s and R’s are afraid you will wake up and realize you actually DO have a real choice, or they wouldn’t have spent so much to keep us off the ballot.

It’s like Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz…you have the power and always have.  You just didn’t use it.


Jake Tapper ‘fact checks’ Hillary’s claims what she did was 100% legal (2:40):

She lied.


So, who killed Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim (4:11):

Just another crime that Hillary will never be held accountable for.


Sam Rolley article; I make no secret that I’m a libertarian and a fan of Gary Johnson but:

In the libertarian party, the candidate doesn’t pick his running mate, the party does.  I hope Johnson gets his wish at next week’s libertarian national convention but there are at least three qualified candidates and Johnson is the most vanilla of the three.

(He’s also the least scary and most recognizable, but libertarians sometimes do silly things…anybody remember Bob Barre?)

I see a perfect storm on the horizon and am very optimistic.


The $64 thousand question:

Did Trump drink the CFR Kool-Aid ®?


13 of Obama’s absolutely worst appointments:

Quite a list of failures, why don’t we talk about this?


Do you want to know more about possible libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson?  Here’s your chance (2:33:08):

Gary sits down with Joe Rogan for a 2.5 hour interview.  Go beyond the 15 second soundbite and realize not all questions can be answered that quickly.





 Matt Vespa reports that according to financial analysts, the Clinton Foundations records rise to the level of fraud (7:04):

Why did Hillary ever decide to run for president?  She knew this was all going to come out.





 Sam Rolley reports on a Salon article written by Todd Nickerson on the fact that pedophilia should be an accepted practice:

Sorry, I can’t make that jump.  Child molesters who act on their ‘urges’ need to be put to death.  And I don’t think that makes me a bad person.


Be honest with me here; do you think we would even be having this conversation 10 years ago?:

I don’t think so either.


Interesting article, 90% of those who identify as Native American Indians do not find the name ‘Washington Redskins’ offensive:

Opponents naturally disagree with the facts.


This repo agent (Ken Drew) really takes his job seriously (2:34):

Ken is now facing the charge of manslaughter and the vehicle he was trying to repo is a total loss.






Sometimes students can convince a school administration they’re wrong (1:50):

This is one of those times.






How an oil rich country can be in such dire straits is beyond me…Oh, socialism…that explains a lot:

Benny Avni with a less than optimistic look at Venezuela’s current crisis:

Venezuela is getting worse by the day. When people are hungry they will do most anything.


Further proof that socialists have no idea on how to run a country:

Beer production has been halted because they don’t have any barley, let’s blame business for it.


Venezuelan president has declared a 60 day state of emergency and will seize factories:

The end for Venezuela approaches, will America help?


Glad I don’t live in Norway (10:23):

This is wrong; I don’t care what country you live in.


You know, while we in the US argue over who should use what bathrooms:

In some countries, they still kill people because of what they are (LGBT).  Food for thought.


Dilaria Zajarskaite of Germany told herself ‘never again’:

She was right, it didn’t happen again.  Women in Germany probably need some self-defense training since government will not protect them from harm.


In the cold war days this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.  Just some military boys having fun (3:58):

Video has been released on the Soviet fly-overs of a US Navy destroyer.  The enemy you know…





 I certainly hope our next president has a pair and stops Iran from continuing to do things like this:

But on the flipside, I have to ask what our Navy was trying to protect over there in the first place.


I’ve reach my wits end with what our foreign policy is regarding Iran:

This is not acceptable in my country.




Perry Sheetz


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