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Is everyone asleep at the wheel on this?:

Or is the MSM choosing to not report on this little piece of what the DoJ calls (FRCP41)?  Congress…WAKE UP!


Is this what our country has come to regarding the Constitution? The legislative branch goes through the judicial branch to find out if the executive branch overstepped authority:

The Constitution is very clear, the power of the purse resides solely in the legislative branch of government. It’s time congress do the job they were ELECTED to do.


If you think government corruption only occurs at the state and national level, read this story by Leah Jessen and Pima County, AZ:

Not only does the deal go against local citizens objections, it also appears to violate the state Constitution. I can think of 4 people who should be facing criminal charges here (the 4 of the 5 members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors that voted for it).


David Knight video op-ed on the ‘Rise of the Militia’ (9:00 minutes, the last 1:30 is a commercial):

Follow the money, it’s all about property rights.


Well, it took over 5 years but Andy Johnson has defeated the EPA and can have a pond on property he owns:

Let that statement sink in.


Obama is getting angry over the fact senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is holding up tax treaties for ‘quirky’ reasons:

Alex Newman weighs in with his opinion on this story:

Rand Paul responds, when did the ‘Bill of Rights’ become ‘quirky’?  (drops mic).


White House said they never lied about the Iranian nuclear deal:

Translation: That means they lied through their teeth about the deal and our media didn’t even know it…until now.


Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) puts out a government wasting your tax dollars report:

Funny and sad at the same time.


John Whitehead video op-ed on, (5:53):

Fascism, American Style.


Obama’s two day trip to Saudi Arabia cost taxpayers $3.16 million:

And that was just hotel and motorcade charges.  Do you think we got our money’s worth here?


Even with house democrats lack of actually ‘investigating’ anything about Benghazi or SoS emails:

The committee is still making progress. If D’s would cooperate, this committee would have been done long ago.


Should government change the definition of human anatomy for the .04% of the population that identifies as transgender?:

This goes beyond protecting the minority, it demonizes what used to be considered normal behavior.  I can’t help but think this is all part of something bigger, to destroy this country.


The unintended victims of bathroom bills and locker room policies (11:21):

You should watch this.


Obama is running out of time to destroy this country before he leaves office (:34):

Another sign of a desperate man.  Notice that this cannot be enforceable as the executive branch cannot ‘make laws’.


Bob Livingston with an interesting take on the above:

States should withhold citizen’s tax payments to the federal government until they relent.  It’s called the 10th amendment…use it.


This was an open, public meeting:

The protestors and city officials were completely in the wrong here…even for San Francisco standards.


Liz Sheld reports that Nicopure is suing the FDA for a multitude of reasons:

The FDA just kind of makes up the rules as it goes along…this in un-Constitutional and I hope every e-Vaping company follows Nicopure’s lead.


Will IRS commissioner John Koskinen face impeachment?:

He should, but there probably isn’t enough time left.




Bundy Ranch


Tim Brown reports that Pete Santilli will remain in jail as he was once again denied bail as he is ‘a danger to the community and cannot be relied on to make his court appearances’:

Santilli stated while leaving the court that this is what Communist China does with journalists….he’s exactly right.  How much more are we going to take before we have the eventual backlash?


Pete Santilli recorded this from prison, you should listen to this so you are aware of what’s transpired within the federal courtroom (16:49):

The system is rigged and our federal government is simply wrong.  I do not consent.


Cliven Bundy files multiple lawsuits against our judicial, legislative and executive branches of government:

The biggest problem with this is you’re trying to get justice from the very same people that have imprisoned you to begin with.

Forget case law here, just follow the Constitution and free this patriot now.  I do not consent to this false imprisonment.






The Clinton Foundation has been looked into deeply and the Clintons aren’t going to be happy (3:50):

Going so far as to call it ‘gross charity fraud’.


I think Bill may have some other things to explain as well:

Does anyone think that Bill isn’t a pervert to the n’th degree?


Pervert at Target (Jeffery Polizzi) caught in this funny story (1:46 & :48):

Caution, the 48 second clip has profanity.


Do you think it beyond possibility that the state department can’t seem to locate any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails?:

Bryan was Hillary’s senior I/T staff member for Hillary’s entire tenure as SoS. The ultimate CYA step, destroy all traces of what was said.


So, what is a ‘security inquiry’ (:48):


The Kelly File discusses the current events over Hillary’s email with judge Napolitano (4:20):’s%20repeated%20claims%20she%20employed%20the%20personal%20email%20server%20only%20for%20mundane%20communications%20and%20non-sensitive%20State%20matters%20having%20been%20proven%20outright%20lies,%20the%20deletions%20of%2031,830%20emails%20%97%20in%20the%20new%20context


More from Romanian hacker ‘Guccifer’ on Hillary’s email (11:28):


I don’t think I want to be part of Mark Zuckerberg’s America:

I have a real problem with censorship of any kind.

Naturally, facebook denies all of this:

Sorry facebook, I don’t believe you.


Matt Vespa reports that Obama’s speechwriters LOL about Obama’s best lies on Charlie Rose’ PBS show (:40):

‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’. It was a lie when he said it and it’s still a lie today.


Brigitte Gabriel reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America (4:22):

Seems pretty clear to me, I don’t understand how this cannot be labeled a hate organization by our government.






A typical Trump rally (8:58):

You would think the protestors would have better things to do with their time.


Obama roasts Trump at the white house correspondent dinner (4:05):

Not very presidential…but funny.


The NRSC is beginning their attacks on Hillary (1:00):

Simply labeled, toxic.






One drawback to those who use ‘the Cloud’ to store and house their data:

Your data (even if you pay for secure storage) may be handed over to government agencies (and not even our government).




Bits and Pieces


Be a man.  Get married (4:41):

Brad Wilcox, professor of sociology at the University of Virginia explains.


Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator Speech’ (4:03):

If you’ve never seen it, it’s a treat.


Bill Whittle’s final ‘Afterburner’ with PJTV (7:50):



Ron Paul opinion piece:

What happened to the revolution?


I guess I never knew just how educated Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) was on our country and national events (3:17):

I look forward to watching the entire interview (I haven’t watched it yet) (36:44):


Michael Snyder with 10 stunning parallels between the US today and Nazi Germany 1933-1945:

Treat this as a wake-up call.






I sure am glad there’s a HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).  The Kupper’s from North Carolina certainly agree:

NC school officials desperately want the Kupper children back in government schools…that isn’t going to happen.

The facts speak for themselves.


When lesson is Raoul Wallenberg HS in San Francisco, CA teaching their students here? (:29):


I wish I was smart enough to figure this out:

I guess I should have studied more astronomy.


Leah Jessen reports on Fort Worth independent school district superintendent Ken Scribner’s decision making abilities:

Making decisions without any parental input is not a good idea.  I guess Ken will find that out the hard way.




Law Enforcement/Military


Another Chicago PD incident from 2013 comes to light (3:16):

Simply wow, I need to see the officers involved fired and charged.  Unbelievable.


North Charleston ex-officer Michael Slager will be charged in the fatal shooting of Walter Scott.

I said at the time (after watching the cell phone video), that this was murder:

I’m glad a grand jury agreed.


I offer this Bob Livingston opinion without comment (1:51):

I just ask you to read it before watching the video.


David Codrea article, ‘Are enough Oath Takers Oath Keepers?:

The sad reality is, probably not.


Did you think with all the negative press on the 1033 program, the military to LEO weapons program has been curbed?:

You would be so wrong.


Benghazi?  Our Air Force could have been there in time to save US lives (6:03):

But the order never came.  This is on Obama/Clinton…pure and simple.






Basic gun safety demonstrated in this training video; ‘Into the Fray’ (2:58):

Never underestimate the stupidity of others.


If you are truly committed to perpetrate an armed robbery (1:31):

Make absolutely certain the guy you are attempting to rob isn’t armed. I love a story with a happy ending.






Iran’s peaceful nuclear weapons program is progressing very nicely (3:54):

How stupid does our ‘nuclear treaty’ with them look now?


More ‘military posturing’ from Iran:


Pamela Geller laments that the UK (in particular, London) is gone:

I admit, I too am concerned. Would Londoners actually vote for a radical Muslim for mayor?  I guess we now have our answer.


It’s not a good time to be in Venezuela:

Socialism doesn’t work, let’s not do any more of it here.  Nothing good will come from it.


Meanwhile, in Brazil: the senate has impeached their president (Dilma Rousseff) who was a Marxist guerilla before entering the political arena:

Her time as president has been littered with rumors of corruption, kickbacks and false accounting.


Sharia law comes to Copenhagen:

Government response to these attacks will be key here.




Perry Sheetz


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