The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics: Issue 406

Bill Whittle explains the 17th amendment (5:42):

I agree with Bill; the 17th amendment needs to be repealed.  The state has no voice in the federal government.

It is truly hard to argue with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s argument on the SCOTUS deciding on the issue of marriage:

The Constitution mentions nothing on the subject so SCOTUS has no standing on the matter.  This is a 10th amendment issue, left to the states to decide.  Any attempts to cite the 14th amendment are bogus (does not apply).

Gary DeMar writes on pretty much the same subject in regards to AG nominee Loretta Lynch:

No one can punch a hole in justice Scalia’s point of emphasis, if gay marriage is allowed then why not polygamy, incestuous marriage, bestiality, etc?

Anyone familiar with history should recognize our government and the role of federalism.

The citizens of Indiana should point out that if governor Pence wants to create a propaganda machine for himself:

He should do it with his OWN money, not our taxpayer dollars.  If he wants to make a name for himself for a possible 2016 presidential run he needs to do it on his own dime.  This is clearly un-Constitutional at so many levels.  The state legislature needs to stop this…now.

Indiana governor Mike Pence is getting slimier and slimier lately:

Pence now agrees to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.  This will be a cash windfall for Indiana health insurers and ‘for profit’ hospitals.  Taxpayers?  Not so much.

Maybe there is truth in the theory that the unemployed will work if you cut off their benefits for NOT working:

I think these figures make that point very apparent.

Alex Newman reports that communist party USA boss openly admits to using the democratic party to further the cause of totalitarian objectives:

You would think the D’s would see right through this.  Are they that union/people brainwashed?  This is certainly not Kennedy’s democratic party.

If states have really had enough with federal government overreach they could always try this:

I would love to see Utah shut off the water to the NSA super data center there.

David Goetsch op-ed on the continued march by government schools to ‘re-write’ history and make the next generations ignorant of our past:

I strongly recommend this as a must read article.  It explains a lot.

I really like the way this citizen exercises his rights (peacefully I might add) (8:18):

I don’t think Jackson, MS police felt the same way.  Hey, they were the ones responsible for shooting the dog to begin with.

The gaffes and miscues the Obama administration makes on foreign policy continue to amaze me:

I have NO idea on why they hate America:

The only thing I can speculate is because we are killing their families?  I do not consent.  Death by drone of a 12 year old is hard for me to swallow.

Alex Newman reports on the brutality of UN ‘peacekeepers’ in Mali:

Why are we in the UN?  This goes against everything the US should stand for.

Matthew Burke reports that judge Francis Allegra has banned 7 DOJ attorneys from his court for committing ‘fraud upon the court’:

All stemming for an ATF whistle-blower case against former ATF agent Jay Dobyns.  Further indictment on just how corrupt Eric Holder truly is.

Will Bowe Bergdahl be charged with desertion? (4:28):

It really looks that way.  This would be even further embarrassment for the Obama administration.

It is also now known that at least one of the five prisoners released for Bergdahl has returned to terrorist activities (2:24):

Obama is by far, the most incompetent president we’ve had in my lifetime.  And that’s saying a lot.

Missouri congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer has been working hard to get the FDIC to end ‘Operation Choke Point’, that was making it difficult for the weapons companies to secure banking services:

It worked, the FDIC will change the criteria used….take that, Obama/Holder.

Obama warns banks not to discuss these matters with 3rd parties (in this case, the customer) when closing accounts (:43):

The definition of running scared.

I can smell the lawsuit against the San Francisco PD already (1:35):

This makes me seriously question the intelligence of the officers involved.

Walid Shoebat with a very interesting article on Obama’s religion:

He was born Muslim, did he convert to Christianity (which would make him an apostate), or is he still a Muslim practicing murana?

I wonder if we will ever truly know?

Don’t think the USA has political prisoners?:

Barrett Brown would beg to differ, but he’s in prison.

Andrew Klavan video op-ed; Attack of the But-Heads (4:09):

We either have freedom of speech or we don’t.  This is pretty good.

In my last issue I mentioned a study by Everytown for Gun Safety (a Bloomberg front group) that made up facts on illegal gun sales.

Under threat of a gun shop for libel, the group has issued an apology for their bogus report:

I’d sue them anyway, it’s only legal way to stop people like Bloomberg.  (Take all their money away).

How corrupt is your state?:

One state (Texas) is responsible for all net job growth since 2007:


Shariah Law has come to Texas, reports Tim Brown:

But it’s OK, both parties have to agree to it.  And so it starts.

Read the above article before watching this video.

It had to be said, this happened in Austin, Texas…which doesn’t surprise me (3:39):

Has the Gustine, TX school administration lost their minds? (2:21):

It is a funny story though…

Our current immigration laws are seriously flawed:

Grant Ronnebeck would agree…but he’s dead now.

As someone who lives in a technology deprived area (the boondocks), this article provides me with hope that someday soon I too, will have a high speed internet option (

Copper is my only option today, although fiber is only a couple of miles away.

Michael Ware reports that there are those within the Air Force that seem to not understand what treason truly is:

This is the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about:

My belief that the A-10 is still a viable jet in today’s military is held my many (including those in the Air Force today).

Trey Gowdy’s opening statement on the third Benghazi select committee hearing (7:04):

Trey Gowdy has some fun embarrassing Deputy Assistant SoS Joel Rubin over Benghazi (11:06):

This is entertaining.

Phoenix weatherman, Cory McCloskey handles a green screen computer malfunction with ease during his forecast (1:04):

Watch this, you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

Maybe this new Washington caucus will be more successful in getting things done?  They are called the ‘Freedom Caucus’ and they have a noble goal:

Jack Kenny doesn’t share my optimism:

One can only hope…

Politics as usual; GOP will use the AG confirmation hearing of Loretta Lynch as a de facto trial of Eric Holder (:48):

Cop-out.  He’s been charged with contempt (by congress) for over a year.  Let the real trial begin.  Holder needs to be held accountable for his un-Constitutional actions.

Brion McClanahan speaks on the idea of secession: an American tradition (17:56):

Good speech.

Senator Rand Paul reintroduces the FAIR Act: in short, to curb government abuse of asset forfeiture laws:

Here’s the text of the bill:

Rand, he’s one of the good ones fighting to enforce the Constitution.  It really shouldn’t be that hard.

Here are a couple of charts that make it very evident that the middle class is disappearing (6:23):

Something will have to change soon or we will, as a nation, collapse.

Selwyn Duke writes about police theft in NY state:

I can only surmise that the Constitution no longer applies in Nassau County, NY.

Ben Shapiro writes that the Drudge Report is still relevant:

In response to the Daily Beast saying it isn’t.

Warren Mass writes on the nasty politics of Houston’s mayor Annise Parker:

Like I stated in my last issue, she needs to be recalled.  She’s more evil than Obama.

A new law in Utah (the next wave of asset forfeiture laws)?:

Seizing your vehicle if insurance cannot be proven.  Sounds very statist to me.

Well, that may have been a little too far:

Lawsuit has been filed, I’m not surprised.

The future is now (1:59):

This is revision….and it scares the heck out of me.

Selwyn Duke writes on what passes for higher education in the US today:

Downright embarrassing in my opinion.  I have much better things to spend my money on.

It’s refreshing to see Islam have some of the same problems as Christians when it comes to the politics of religion:

This is the third and final installment of the corruption of police in the small town of Tomball, TX:

Nannette Carley needs to get a good lawyer and take this department for everything she can.

Do you think Comcast has a PR problem here?:

If it truly works, who am I to say don’t do this?:

Maybe I’m just showing my age…

I see nothing wrong with what these 2 boys were doing:

Why does the government have to be involved here at all?  I shoveled more than a few driveways and sidewalks when I was a teenager, police never told me I couldn’t.

I don’t share Selwyn Duke’ and Gary North’s cynicism of common core’s subjective grades for ‘sensitivity’.  Don’t get me wrong; I detest common core in principle:

In my day it was called ‘citizenship’ and we actually got a grade for it.

I could make a bunch of jokes about this but (2:51):

How stupid is it to attempt to rob a donut store?

Here’s the latest Intellectual Froglegs (23:02):

Obama’s Basketball Diary.

Dashcams are NOT effective when they’re turned off:

Some people have figured out a way to make money on those not well thought-out gun buy-back programs:

As one gun enthusiast was quoted saying; ‘I love it when a plan comes together’.

Just because it’s fun to point out Al’s colorful use of the English language (1:21):

For your viewing pleasure.

Last issue I posted an article on the co-creator of ‘Gray State’ committing suicide and the rough cut of the movie was available online.

Those links may no longer work, here’s a Ben Swann interview with co-creator Danny Mason explaining (26:37):

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