The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 392

Who do you hold accountable for Misty Holt-Singh’s death? (2:39):

DOJ has finally turned over the 1307 page draft of the ‘Vaughn index’ to Judicial Watch that detailed the ‘fast and furious’ gun program:

Much more will be learned in the coming days.  I believe this is the REAL reason Eric Holder stepped down as AG.

One of the first revelations was Valerie Jarrett’s involvement in keeping this scandal away from Obama personally:

It worked, for a while.

4 ways republicans are full of shit:

…and 4 ways democrats are full of shit:

Kind of screws up the 2 party system, don’t you agree?

A time for choosing reaches 50 years (2:02):

Just watch.

This doesn’t surprise me one bit (:49):

Another example that we don’t own our home (2:06):

This happened in Norcross, GA.  This is so wrong.

Charlestown, IN is the battleground for the next case of eminent domain:

Don’t let the government bastards win, I will stand and fight for the homeowners.  Would you?  It all comes down to property rights.

Jon Stewart explains the AIG bailout (9:58):

Informative and funny.

Nelson Bunker Hunt passed away this week,  I thought I knew the man from the MSM reports over the years…I did not.

Read this article by William Jasper to understand the real man and his beliefs (not what the government and MSM portrayed him to be):

File this until Hillary announces her candidacy for president:

Then make this the lead story on every MSM outlet.

Who creates jobs? (:36):

Hillary turns further left?

This is how easy it is to get away with vote fraud in Arizona (8:48):

Selwyn Duke op-ed on the subject:

I see no reason for voter ID laws…what could possibly go wrong?

This is another reason we need to return to paper ballots:

I trust computers, I don’t trust those in charge of programming and running them….and you shouldn’t either.

James O’Keefe goes undercover in Colorado to show how easy voter fraud is in that state (7:45):

I’m all for all legal citizens voting, but mail in ballots make it too easy to commit fraud.

Bill Whittle’s latest ‘Afterburner’ (4:59):

Make him own it.

Joe Dan Gorman releases his 2014 voter’s guide (volume 1) (5:25):

He says we must vote republican…I guess he believes there’s still a difference?

I guess this is called a ‘shock video’ (2:35):

Can’t say I agree with anything it contained (other than too much bad taste).   I don’t think Julie Borowski liked it too much either (2:41):

I liked Julie’s response…like totally.

I included this video in my last issue, here’s a follow-up (:30):

I’m a big believer in all officers having body cams and here’s why:  they don’t lie.

Officer Kevin Dupre in on paid leave while his bosses investigate.  The officer has had numerous death threats made since this video was released.

Dupre’s official report states the puppy was growling and being aggressive…you watch it, was he?

I am not a black man, but if I were:

I would object strongly to the DOJ argument concerning black voters, wouldn’t you?

Why would the North Carolina NAACP deliberately try to mislead voters?:

Let me show you an example of racism, read the above letter.

Wow, this Utah County, Utah middle school teacher should probably be fired over this assignment (3:53):

Mission creep?

The courts have ruled once again; the police have no Constitutional duty to protect you from the bad guy:

Good to know; you are responsible for your own safety…not the police or government.

Barry Donegan reports that the Seattle freedom Socialist Party (who heavily influenced Seattle going to a $15 per hour minimum wage):

Eric Owens op-ed on the same story:

Wants to pay $13 per hour for a web developer, citing a loophole in the new law.  Just doesn’t seem right to me but what do I know?

Gary North opinion article on the two worst years of the last century:

1913 & 1936.  Good read.

On Nov. 30th, the citizens of Switzerland will vote on amending their Constitution concerning the nation’s gold:

Here’s what you need to know.

The alliance defending freedom has sent letters to three states that have determined schools can use whatever bathroom and locker room they wish to:

If schools don’t change their rules, lawsuits will be filed.  Finally, an ounce of common sense is being used.

If you have not heard of the Battle of Athens, TN (1946), look into it:

This is why our 2nd amendment is so important; to defend against tyranny.

Did you hear about the Baltimore bus driver who had 3 of her passengers beat up (10:32):

Strange, I didn’t before now…this happened in June.

Coming to Clark County, OH this weekend (4:06):

Do you have a problem with this?  I DO NOT CONSENT. 

It’s too bad that marijuana is still listed as a schedule 1 drug with NO medicinal benefits:

We better not tell people with Crohn’s disease about this study then.

At least the federal government will begin listening to testimony from doctors about the classification of marijuana:

The IBEW local 11 prevents a Japanese firm (Kinkisharyo) from building a plant to build light rail cars for the LAMTA in Palmdale, CA:

I wonder what the citizens of Palmdale think about a union preventing over 300 good jobs from coming to their community?

Is California too far gone? (4:31):

Yep, looks that way to me.

Cities and counties in Pennsylvania are upset with a new state law:

Allowing citizens to sue over local gun restrictions that go against state law.  Liberals are upset…I truly don’t understand…Gun rights are in the state Constitution as well.

Senator Tom Coburn releases his 2014 wastebook of taxpayer money:

Here are a couple of video primers (:38 & 1:00):

Here’s the full report:

Wasteful spending at its worst, as only the government can do.

This will be senator Coburn’s final wastebook, will another senator pick up the cause?:

I didn’t know DHS was now enforcing copyright violations (1:36):

Not sure how this involves national security.  Government overreach much?

FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds states that the rise of ISIS/ISIL is a direct result of the FBI (23:53):

The government has got to keep the citizens scared so they can protect us (and continue the military industrial complex).

You should avoid the University of Illinois campus for a while (:50):

Unless you’re carrying.

Experts on ebola point out the fatal flaws in protection against ebola posted by the CDC:

And this is the governmental organization that is supposed to protect us from pandemics?  Heaven help us all.

Following his bosses lead; new Ebola czar (Ron Klain) misses a special meeting at the white house on:

Ron missed Saturday’s meeting as well:


Jason Mattera’s back at it (4:07):

His subject; Gregory Meeks (D-NY).

Here’s a copy of your letter to Congress. Please share it with friends. Ask them to send a letter too. Grow the Downsize DC Army!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Subject: Make the FDA advisory, not mandatory.

Make the FDA advisory, not mandatory.

Ebola should have been detected faster. The Dallas hospital with the first U.S. patient had the same Ebola screening machine that the military uses in Africa. (




The FDA prevented the hospital from using it!

That seems CRIMINAL. Yet that’s how the FDA works. It blocks or delays detection, treatments, and cures for even fatal diseases.


My body belongs to ME, not the FDA! If I’m sick, I should be free to use ANY treatment, even if it’s experimental…


* If it has the FDA’s seal of approval, great.

* If it is NOT approved by the FDA, I should STILL be free to use it at my own risk.


I demand you remove ANY obstacles that delay Ebola detection OR treatment.

And then, restore health freedom by making the FDA an advisory agency instead of a domineering bureaucracy. Allow my doctor and I to decide what’s best for me. Stop blocking life-saving treatments.

Take these steps IMMEDIATELY. This is, literally, a life and death issue. And if you fail to act, then you have blood on your hands.


Mr. Perry Sheetz

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The campaign used to send this message can be found here:

Your message was sent to the following recipients: Representative Peter Visclosky, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Joe Donnelly.


I’ll end with a joke:


Perry Sheetz

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