The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 385

Exactly what’s it going to take to impeach this man pretending to be president?

This is a new scandal on the IRS and would explain why Lerner has been stonewalling the congressional investigation:

This is worse than any sitting president has done to citizens of the US; and still congress does NOTHING.

So, how’s that war on drugs going for us?  Here’s the story of Jeff Mizanskey who will die behind bars unless the governor grants him clemency (3:14):

I urge you to read this article by Aaron Malin.  Jeff never threatened or harmed another human being but is sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

This just ain’t right.

Dr. Jim Milgram (Stanford math professor and a former member of the common core validation committee) warns of the major deficiencies in common core math standards.

Milgram came down hard on Indiana governor Mike Pence for ‘rebranding’ common core but basically not changing anything in it (37:07):

Milgram further went on and said if we don’t change it now, the US will destroy America’s standing in technology.  Please take heed.

It’s a frikkin’ CIGAR BAR (1:58):!bNjJCj

The Nebraska supreme court ruled no smoking anywhere in the state.  Welcome to a statist’s heaven. 

Vote libertarian, it will free you from the statist state and towards the repeal of stupid laws.

It’s all about personal freedom AND personal responsibility.

If you think about it; AT&T has done some really amazing things over the years.

Here are some of their predictions from 1993-1994’s ‘You Will’ ad campaign [7 commercials] (3:31):

Eerily prophetic, don’t you agree?

Andrew Klavan celebrates ‘it’s opposite day’ (2:54):

Andrew does political satire very well.

Shameless plug for where I work (:27):

We’re a big time company now.

Obama doesn’t have a clue, as the press conference confirms (7:50):

He’s worse, much worse than a do nothing president.  It’s dereliction of duty.

Partisan politics is getting worse and worse; but when the executive branch starts excluding those of the other party in matters of security we have REAL problems:

Didn’t Jefferson warn us about the dangers of political parties?  How can it be right that if your representation in congress happens to be an R or L leaning R they get excluded from information?

It’s not.  Time to put this government back into the control of the people; we’re still a Constitutional Republic last I checked.  I do not consent to this.

Obama lifts ban against Libyans from attending US flight schools and training in nuclear science:

With a dozen missing Libyan commercial jets, I deem this an unwise decision.

Dan Cannon op-ed on Barack Obama’s Constitutional law professor background that is worth reading:

Politics at its finest (3:30):

Those elected to represent us are no better than we are, and most times much worse (they just wear nicer suits and talk really purty come election time).

It’s very disappointing to find racism is still alive in 2014 (3:40):

This goes both ways but this goes against everything I believe in.

Bonnie Kristian writes on 6 big lies government has told us:

When will my fellow citizens wake up and demand better?

David Bahnsen with 5 civil questions to pose with your liberal friends:

At least one or two of these should be the beginning of an honest discussion (or fight).

Intellectual Froglegs latest edition (20:56):

Ayatollah you so!

Are you missing your mail? (2:19):

You could do what these customers did.

It’s not like our founding fathers (James Madison) didn’t warn us about executive powers:

Article by William Federer worth reading.  How do you like your tyranny?

The EPA has once again been busted in trying to take over citizen’s rights to property:

Too close to reality? (:49 & 1:57):

‘Meet the Kronies’ are back with a couple of new videos worth watching (they’re short).

Karma can be a real bitch:

Melissa Quinn & Kelsey Harris put this together for the Heritage Foundation:

What would your fast food cost rise to if the government institutes a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Philippine UN peace keepers working in the Golan Heights region refuse to surrender to ISIS (Syrian rebels):

General Gregorio Pio deserves a medal.

ISIS/ISIL, what’s the difference? (1:46):

They’re the same, just the end goal is different.

Stop resisting (3:50):

And why don’t I trust police officers anymore?

The twin cities in Minnesota are asking questions that demand answers (2:31):

Military training operations in US cities without notifying city officials?  You are all aware of Posse Comitatus aren’t you?

The FBI has been very busy with propaganda lately:

Wonder where they get our money from to pay for it?

Rotherham, England officials were so afraid of being called racists that:

They allowed Pakistani muslims to abuse over 1400 girls over the course the past 17 years.  This story makes me sick and is another reason I have no place in my heart for Islam.

I pray that the US will never become what has become of England.  The Rule of Law and the Constitution must always be held supreme.

I have long held the belief that the NRA is not a protector of the 2nd amendment; this is just further proof:

If you are truly interested in promoting 2nd amendment candidates I would strongly suggest the GOA (Gun Owners of America) or NAGR (National Association of Gun Rights).

Will the police officers of Beavercreek, OH face murder charges for the killing of a Walmart customer (John Crawford III)?:

They had no cause of action to do so, let’s see how justice plays out now.

Sargent Stringer of the O’Fallon police department gets his wish (4:35):

Be sure to watch until the end, a professional cop.

Can a police officer search your cell phone? (2:03):

Not without a warrant.

Michael Suede video on how much government regulation has increased since 1950 (2:37):

This should scare the bejeezious out of all of us.

More people need to do what Avel Amarel did, stood up for his Constitutional rights (2:46):

Police need to understand we citizens are not the enemy.

31 years after KAL 007 was shot down at the edge of USSR airspace:

Many questions remain unanswered.  Article by Warren Mass.

Hmmm.  About a dozen or so commercial jet airliners have been stolen from Libya (2:52):

Found them:

I wonder what they have planned now?  Something pretty exciting I imagine.

Here are 5 videos that explain the doublespeak dictionary:

I watched the first one, it was short and pretty good, the rest were longer.

Judge Napolitano states the NSA is more interested in spying on citizens than ISIS (3:20):

The NSA has no Constitutional right to spy on citizens.

John Kerry (SoS) opens his mouth and (4:26):

A steaming pile of crap comes out.  Islam is a religion of peace.  If it is, then the leaders of this peaceful religion need to come out STRONGLY to denounce it…they haven’t.

I personally think John Kerry was demonstrating Taqiyya in action.

Dean Garrison reports on the unique situation that Monsanto and the US government have schemed up for Ukraine:

Hard to dispute the ‘revolving door’ connection between Monsanto and the US government.

Dinah Burns of Lancaster, OH carries concealed (2:22):

And she prevented her own rape or worse because of it.  She allowed her assailants to run away without discharging her weapon.

Unfortunately, this Memphis woman was not able to protect herself from an already convicted rapist (2:20):

I have a suggestion on what we should do with people like Donald Gwin.

Louisiana politics as usual:

Judge throws out the Landrieu residency challenge, even though Landrieu has a $2.5 million home in DC and no residency in the state she represents, Louisiana.

And I thought Illinois politics was dirty.

5 feminist myths that refuse to die:

Take back the truth.

ISIS missed one; the story of a massacre survivor (8:19):

Warning: graphic video.

Trifecta points out the folly of government when it comes to bridges and roads (6:37):

Skagit River bridge in Washington state.

Daisy Luther pokes fun at Michelle Obama and her school lunch initiatives:

Her kids don’t subscribe to the typical school lunch, do yours?

San Diego county sheriff Bill Gore says he will protect you, you don’t need to protect yourself:

Guess he missed a few.  The sheriff’s office is an elected position, citizens get the government they deserve.

I’m 99% sure this was staged: but it’s pretty damn funny anyways (1:31):

Liberty Farms (Cynthia & Robert Gifford) have decided to stop hosting weddings on their property due to their religious beliefs:

This is a followup to a previous issue story, the Gifford’s refused to host a lesbian wedding on their property and were fined $13K by the state of NY for it.


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