“October of last year I was debating on supporting the show. I was still in school at the time and had some extra income from private tutoring, but wasn’t completely sure if it was a good use of $10/month. I was on the road a lot at this time stuck in Atlanta traffic, so as soon as an episode came out I’d be all over it. My decision to support came when I was listening to the episode “239: Phyllis’s Story – Fighting Medicare For Her Life.” I’ve always been moved by “The Cost” episodes, but this one hit home with me. I can’t count the number of patients I’ve seen struggle with medicare (and insurance in general), and I’ve just barely started to practice. I was so impressed with Chris’s interviewing skills and WAL’s effort to spread this message I knew I had to contribute. I am hoping to be able to increase my monthly amount in the near future as I’ve recently gotten my license (after 6 months). Thank you for all that you do!”