The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 479.

I’ll be taking a break from this for a while.  Stay vigilant my friends.





South Carolina government schools will actually be teaching about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers beginning this fall:

Sad that it took a state law to require it.  How many other states teach this countries founding documents?


Joe Wolverton questions, ‘has the president usurped the Constitutional authority of congress’?:

My response is, not without their own unspoken approval.


Senator Dianne Feinstein says you must prove your innocence (1:19):

Just like it is written in the Constitution?


For being a ‘Constitutional professor’, Obama doesn’t seem to get it:

After another SCOTUS defeat of his policies, he says he will continue to issue un-Constitutional ‘executive orders’.

We do not live in a dictatorship or kingdom but a Constitutional Republic.






After an adult reporter (Gersh Kuntzman) stated how scary an AR-15 felt after shooting it (4:51):

Here’s a short video on a 7 year old’s first shots with the same (1:12):

The AR-15 shoots an intermediate range bullet .223 (NATO 5.56).  It is not a powerful cartridge.


VOX needs to educate themselves on the AR-15 before they attempt to explain the weapon to others:


What happens when an undercover reporter tries to buy a weapon in Chicago?:

This story made me chuckle.


Don’t let the anti-gunners see this (4:32):

Or we’ll have to fill out forms to buy a Nerf gun.


Larry Pratt (GOA – Executive Director) goes on MSNBC to ask them why no one mentions the Pulse nightclub killing occurred in a ‘gun free’ zone (1:38):

The MSM refuses to acknowledge this fact.  Blaming the gun, not the laws.






Joe being Joe (:41):

Saddam/Assad, those Middle Eastern leaders are all the same!


Corruption is deeply rooted in the Obama administration:

Can anybody play by the rules anymore?


Baldwin County, Alabama county commissioner Tucker Dorsey; I stand with you:

Did you know Obama has ordered the US flag lowered to half-staff more than any other president?  I honestly don’t think Obama knows any flag etiquette what-so-ever.


Voters, know your candidate? (2:59 & 5:47):


Hillary’s demands for a speaking engagement:

Why does this not surprise me?


Donald Trump’s campaign has launched a new website:

This is supposed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for Clinton scandals.


Julian Assange states WikiLeaks (and the FBI), have enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton (3:41):

But it most likely won’t happen under Obama’s administration.


Gary Johnson/Bill Weld town hall on CNN (3 minute recap or full Townhall, your choice):






Loretta Lynch (AG) is Islam’s best PR agent (1:21):

Will edit the conversation Omar had with the Orlando PD because he said the reason he is doing this is for ISIS, no mention of gays what-so-ever.


Bill Whittle reaches his boiling point on Obama and Islam (4:19):

Caution, this video contains graphic images of peaceful Islam.


Obama administration loses this round:

FBI releases the full transcripts of the Orlando shooter, not the ‘edited’ version the administration tried to get away with.






In the legal case against Pete Santilli, the government allowed a key witness to lie (and they knew it) to secure charges against him:

Not my country any longer.  I do not consent.


A federal district court in Virginia has ruled the 4th amendment does not apply to your personal computer:

This will have to be overturned on appeal, I don’t know how they could have ruled this way unless the judge has never heard of the ‘Bill of Rights’.


CAIR faces federal charges of fraud and cover up of crimes:


How much is this police mistreatment worth? (1:32):

East Cleveland, OH.  You have a problem and now you also owe Arnold Black $22 million, which will most likely bankrupt the city.


Kayla McKelvey gets sentenced to the maximum allowed according to her plea deal (2:20):

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.






This article published by ProPublica in association with NPR, Boston Globe and Tampa Bay Times shows that doctors who accept money and gifts from big Pharma prescribe their drugs more often:

This information should surprise absolutely nobody.




US News


Sheryl Attkisson explains how the US MSM has been completely co-opted by government and big business over the past 10 years:

When you only have 7 companies controlling 90+% of the content, it becomes even easier.  Sam Rolley reports.


What has happened in America? (1:15 & 4:03):

The Air Force has begun an investigation into this:

I sincerely hope our next president allows this nation to return to normalcy.


Vin Scully brings a dose of politics to baseball (:22):

Socialism doesn’t work.


5 things you weren’t supposed to know about while Orlando filled the news:

Pay attention, you were distracted.


I don’t think Californians are prepared for no electricity for 14 days:

If it happens, I would expect martial law to be declared to quell the violence.  Prepare for a long, hot summer California.




World News


Throwing rocks has come to the Netherlands (2:06):

A new tradition for Europe!


Alex Newman reports that the UN wants a stronger UN ‘police force’:

Hasn’t there been enough UN ‘peacekeeping’ abuse already?  Do we really want more of it?


Britain has elected to leave the European Union, will other countries now follow? (1:03):

Nile Gardiner explains why the Brexit vote is good for America:

I’m just happy that the UK decided to control their own destiny and is no longer subjugated by the whims of the EU.


A Gaza kindergarten graduation ceremony (2:29):

I’m having a hard time with their definition of peace.  These a 6 year olds.


Bethany Blankley ponders where Iran would be if our CIA had not overthrown their government in 1953:

Most likely a far better place.


North Korea is once again threatening the US (2:26):

Be afraid, be very afraid.






Too late for father’s day but (2:36):




Perry Sheetz


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