The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 478.

Happy Father’s Day.  Here’s a Father’s Day Flashback from 2012 that bears repeating (8:22):

Makes me laugh every time.



 You probably won’t hear this about Chik-Fil-A from the MSM:

So you will hear it here.


After being robbed twice in three months, this Sauk Rapids, MN gas station is trying something different:

A 10 cent a gallon discount for LEO’s and ‘permit to carry’ citizens buying gas after 7 PM.  Free enterprise at work here!


I’ve not heard of the southern burger chain ‘Cook Out’ but where’s the ACLU on this?  A Colonial Heights, VA store refused service to a family because they were wearing Trump shirts and hats:

I personally don’t have a problem with the market deciding the issue, but after bakers, wedding establishments and photographers being sued for denying service…fair is fair.


Tim Brown reports on the rash of ‘peeping Tom’ incidents at Target stores across the county:

They are not safe places for girls and women to try on clothes anymore (unless they are voyeuristic by default).





 Larry & Amanda Anderson got the creative juices flowing when they received a letter from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife:

This is marvelous.  You’ve got to read this.


I thought the republican party was the party of fiscal conservatism:

Guess I’m wrong.


To really screw something up, we need the government involved:

Melissa Quinn reports on the story of Mical Caterina and the FAA.  Beyond ridiculous.


I used to hear the line ‘taxation is theft’ and paid it little mind (other than thinking the speaker must just be an anarchist):

But as I have grown older (and wiser?), I have come to the realization…they are right.  Op-ed by Gary DeMar.


Want to stop paying federal taxes?  It can be done but it’s very tricky (41:30):

I still believe that if I fail to pay my taxes, bad people with guns will come to collect, I don’t think of paying taxes as ‘voluntary’.


DHA forbids the terms ‘jihad’ and ‘sharia’ because they are disrespectful to Islam:

Seriously?  They are terms used repeatedly in their own holy book.  SMH.


The ‘Former Presidents Act of 1958’ simply needs to be repealed and replaced with nothing:

Why would any former president be legally entitled to almost $4 million per year?  Why would congress ever agree with this un-Constitutional allotment of our tax dollars?

Just another advantage of having a fiat based currency that has no real value other than the belief it does?  It’s long past time to restore this nation to its Constitutional roots.


Mary Grabar writes on the trials and tribulations of trying to be a conservative and playing by the rules of the corrupt IRS and this administration:

Enough to make your blood boil.


Obama is plotting with Saudi Arabia in secret (:18):

It’s never good for freedom when these two get together.


Seattle is a very progressive city and really believes in regulation.  Greg Gottesman with a slightly cynical look at some other suggestions the city council should consider:





 Maxine Waters is one of the most corrupt members of congress:

Yet silly voters keep re-electing her again and again.


Did you know government created the smartphone?  According to Nancy Pelosi, yes (:39):

Another corrupt politician…and not very bright either.


WikiLeaks told us this last week; here’s further proof:

Hillary and Google are a team.  Time to find another search engine, friends.


Not to politicize the Orlando massacre but everyone else is and the Libertarian Party is no exception:

Calling for an end to ‘gun free zones’.  I am in agreement.  We are the final protector for our own well being, not police and not the government.


DeRay McKesson’s (BLM activist and George Soros foot soldier) phone has been hacked (8:19):

Some pretty wild information was released. 

BLM plans to shut down both the D and R conventions with protests and violence to the point that Obama will declare martial law to keep himself in office.

(Told you it was wild).


Gary Johnson interview on CNN (6:35):

Johnson also defends marijuana and disagrees with Mitt Romney that ‘marijuana makes people stupid’.

Don’t like Trump, don’t like Hillary?  Look at this guy…seriously.


Remember is the old days when you hired ‘plumbers’ to break into hotel rooms to plant listening devices to see what was being said? (Watergate for you youngsters):

Nowadays, you just hack into the right server(s) to do the same.  Hillary’s server, State Department servers along with servers belonging to the DNC were hacked to obtain the information dossier on Trump.

Seems Russia didn’t have a lot of data on him because he’s new to politics.  Ain’t technology wonderful?

An unknown hacker (Guccifer 2.0) releases what he found on the DNC server, it should be available on WikiLeaks as well in a couple of days:


Democrats blame republicans for a lack of funding causing the latest data breach:

Sorry, the DNC and RNC are private clubs, not a branch of government.  Security is their own problem, not a taxpayer problem.


This is highly entertaining, a street discussion between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters (10:18):

Amazing the young black kid had facts, the middle aged black man relied on talking points.




Clinton’s and corruption

These two words go well together.


Hugh Hewitt explains when it comes to the Clinton’s, always follow the money (:49):

I too, wish to be an ‘honorary chancellor’ or ‘laureate’; both gigs pay extremely well.


The lies about her email just keep coming:

And the democrats really want her as president?


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange states they are preparing another batch of Hillary’s emails for release.

He goes on to state that she will not be charged even though the evidence is damning:

Additionally, if Google gets any more powerful, we will not be able to easily find the truth.  I recommend you find another company to do business with.

Interesting short read.


The company you keep (2:53):

These three stories are self-explanatory.  Hillary is too corrupt to lead this nation.




US News

 This is how CAIR handles the press (1:56):

There is a reason many other countries consider the CAIR a terrorist organization, my country should do the same.


Just how stupid are we?:

We know the vast amount of terrorist attacks are committed by a single group, but we can’t investigate them?

It’s called radical Islam for a reason, wake up.


Spend 5 minutes to understand what our government is doing to Amarillo, Texas (5:23):

Thanks to Infowars.  Funny that the MSM doesn’t report on this.


We allow freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country so I don’t have an issue with what Orlando Imam Abu Taubah stated to Greta Van Susteren on her FOX show this week (4:00):

It is acting on your statements that will be considered a crime.  Additionally, you can’t remove the Constitution from this country or we will have exactly what I fear (Sharia Law).


Wow, this story on Ella Clarke is truly sad:

But at least her baby girl (her 7th child) was born healthy.


On a lighter note, a real cowboy stops a bike thief…by lassoing him (2:27):

This occurred at the East Point, Oregon Wal-Mart.


The decline of America – 1978 to 2016:

Written by John Myers.  I agree with most everything he states.


It’s hard to believe that Josh Welch (now 10 years old) the ‘pop-tart gun’ boy story from three years ago finally has closure (2:05):

Anne Arundel County, MD judge Ronald Silkworth has upheld the school’s 2 day suspension.


I’m just including this because I found it hilarious:

A fight in a Key West bar over flatulence.




The Omar Mateen family (Orlando shooter)

 The FBI knew much about Omar Mateen long before he committed the Orlando massacre:

Going back to 2013.


The more I am learning about the entire Omar Mateen family, the more I believe the entire family should be deported back to Afghanistan:

Paul Sperry reports Omar sold his house to his brother in law for $10 two months ago (public record).  Wife as a witness.  Father running for president of Afghanistan as a fringe candidate.  Supporters of the Taliban.  I’ve read enough.


And if you want to go down the rabbit hole on Omar Mateen, this is where to start (various):

…and this, Omar’s father has visited the state department and numerous congressmen on several occasions AND knows Hillary?  Such a small world:

This as well, no FBI follow-up:

I will admit, things don’t add up on this man.




World News

 Suzanne Hamner article wonders why Fukushima is no longer in the news.  Considering this could still destroy all life in the northern hemisphere it should be a big deal:

I’m concerned and you should be too.


I wonder how Londoner’s feel now about their new Islamic mayor?:

Segregated (by sex) mayor’s rally, banning any advertisements of scantily clad women, etc.  What’s next and why would Londoner’s ever accept this without protest?

Full blown Sharia Law for London (and Great Britain) is coming soon.  Thank God we in America live under a Constitution, don’t EVER forget that.


The United Kingdom faces a huge vote this week:

To stay in the EU or leave, nicknamed ‘Brexit’.  It’s a big decision, and polling is currently a dead heat tie.


Infowars provides an update on what is occurring in Venezuela.  The MSM certainly isn’t reporting on this (9:45):

I sure am glad I don’t live there.


Why all the banker suicides?:

Is it a vast criminal conspiracy?





Human genome editing of DNA has made major advances in the past year.  Here’s an article written by Sarah Zhang explaining CRISPR along with Cas9:

Here’s a short video put out by the McGovern Institute for brain research at MIT that helps explain it (4:12):

Fascinating stuff in the world of biology.


How close did we come to a global medical disaster in 2009?:

You don’t really want to know, do you?





Bob Adelmann with the cold, hard facts on the Orlando massacre:

One citizen with a gun to defend himself and others could have ended this before such a tragic loss of life occurred. 

Alas, a gun free zone prevented that from occurring because as we all know, the only people that follow the law are law abiding citizens to begin with.


Erich Pratt, executive director for the Gun Owners of America (GOA) on the Orlando massacre:

Gun free zones end up harming more than helping.


Just once, I would like to see a politician actually know something about guns before he espouses utter nonsense (:30):

Democrat from Florida, Alan Grayson…another useless idiot.


Some people just don’t get it (1:33):

Whenever I hear the current president use the words ‘common sense gun control’, I cringe.


Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), the problem with gun control is ‘due process’ (3:26):

That damn, pesky Constitution and our rights guaranteed by it just keeps getting in the way.


5 ways an innocent American can end up on a ‘no buy’ list that would circumvent ‘due process’:

This should scare the hell out of all good American citizens.


Congressman Trey Gowdy drives home this exact point (2:37):

Drops mic.


The NRA releases their response to gun bans on ‘assault rifles’ (5:00):


Nothing like the threat of government outlawing a certain style of weapon (AR-15), to drive sales:

Hunter’s warehouse reports they’ve sold 30,000 of them this week.  (Even though the Orlando massacre shooter used a Sig Sauer MCX).


This opinion piece was written months before the Orlando massacre but it’s still very fitting:

Ken White is the author.





 Michael Rivero goes into great detail explaining that all wars are banker’s wars (43:33):

Recommended listen, this all makes complete sense and should be a sobering reality check for all of us.


Three years ago today, Michael Hastings was murdered(?) under highly unusual circumstances.  We still don’t have any answers:

Corbett Report did a good story on this at that time (42:42):

Hastings was a writer for Rolling Stone magazine and was working on a story about the CIA.  Funny how we don’t know any more today than we did then.  Are real reporters afraid to investigate this?

Want to REALLY go down the rabbit hole on our government?  Start investigating the death of Michael Hastings.


Frederic Bastiat and ‘The Law’ (here’s the forward) (10:30):

Want to learn about freedom?  Start here.




Perry Sheetz


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