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D-Day was this past week.  June 6th, 1944.  Do you remember? (2:59):

To those that served in what I consider the last, just war…I thank you.


Bethany Blankley with 5 well documented ‘false flag’ events since 1953:

Our government’s deception has no morals when it comes to leading us into conflict.


Our government did a really stupid thing when we didn’t bring all our military toys back home when we left Iraq:

That’s OK, the military industrial complex will build more that our government will be happy to pay for.  (I want an H1 Hummer, and I don’t even need the additional armor plating)!






From the ‘long past due’ file, Sam Rolley explains why hemp needs to be promoted as a solution:

Government, stop being stupid.  Hemp won’t get you high.  It should have never been on the Schedule 1 drug list.  Correct it now.


The IRS has finally released the list of groups targeted for ‘special scrutiny’ nearly 3 years after told to do so by the courts:

Kind of blows these statements away (:22):

Just another sign of a corrupt executive branch.


Ben Swann’s ‘Truth in Media’ exposes the revolving door between the FDA and Big Pharma (6:35):

This is part 1 of 4.

Malia Zimmerman article on Luke Lichterman going public to get his bank to allow him to do business:

Operation Choke Point is no more, sometimes you just need to shame a bank into accepting that fact.


Senate testimony reveals there is no need for H-2B visas:

As there is no shortage of American workers to fill those jobs.


A very Orwellian bill has been introduced in congress.  HR 5181, Tyler Durden reports:

We may finally achieve our very own ‘Ministry of Truth’, who needs a free press anyway?


EBT card benefits temporarily don’t work, chaos ensues (1:28 & 2:32):

If you want to down a rabbit hole on this, is it planned:

We are close to a major event bringing down civil society, are you prepared?


Dave Jolly article explaining some of the evils that ‘government social workers’ can levy on a family:

This is wrong, I do not consent.


After 80 years of data, the government quietly admits the benefits of cannabis.

No word on when it will be removed as a Schedule 1 drug (signifying it has no medical value) by our FDA:


Rachel Grezler article on government (that’s you and me) are now on the hook for bailing out union pension funds:

Why would this ever be needed, aren’t unions set up to help the members through retirement options?  Did union officials abscond or otherwise not spend their members’ dues wisely?

I see union bosses retiring with six figure pensions, do members approve of this (obviously they do or it wouldn’t be happening).

…and this is my fault why?


Mike Wire reports on the bizarre accounts concerning the downing of TWA flight 800 just off Long island, NY:

Bizarre indeed, why did the CIA go so far out of their way to change the story?

Have fun exploring this rabbit hole:

For entertainment purposes only.


Florida had two shootings this weekend.  Both occurred in gun free zones:

When will the bad guys start following the laws?




Constitutional Issues


The rightful remedy to Obama (and congress agreeing) to AFFH is:

The 9th and 10th amendments; quite simply nullification.  Suzanne Hamner explains.


LaVoy Finicum’s wife (Jeanette) breaks her silence and speaks to a patriot group in Plains, Montana (14:12):

I know I’m in a minority but I believe these people are true patriots.


I stumbled into this and found it fascinating (about 12 minute’s total):

The subject/producer was so calm and disarming, he ends up making Clemson officials and campus police look like fools.

If nothing else, this should make you pause and think.


This is an affront to the 2nd amendment at its core.  I understand the decision was made by the 9th circuit (most liberal in the nation) but:

‘No legal right to concealed carry in California’…really?






Strike a win for property rights and a loss for the EPA:

Key win for the Constitution in this 8-0 SCOTUS decision.


Just another sign of this corrupt administration, nobody from the EPA was ever charged with any wrong-doing in the Animas River pollution disaster:

Makes me sick.


Katie Couric’s producer of ‘Under the Gun’ documentary (Stephanie Soechtig) should probably shut up before she gets in even more legal trouble:

If she actually did what she claimed, she violated federal gun laws to do so.  I think she should be investigated and prosecuted like any common citizen would be for doing the same thing.


Pamela Adams (a police officer’s wife), speaks out against un-Constitutional civil asset forfeiture laws:

Here’s what Oklahoma state troopers are now using, ERAD devices confiscate money from your pre-paid cards, etc. (2:23):

All under the guise of preventing identity theft and drug money.  Just another example of how civil asset forfeiture is un-Constitutional.

Oh, the makers of the devices get $5K per reader and 7.7% of all money confiscated…hmm, no abuse here, please move along.


Civil asset forfeiture strikes close to home with this police chief’s personal ranch truck (5:27):

This too, occurred in Oklahoma…they have a reputation for utilizing CAF at every opportunity.


David Codrea with an immigration article worth your time:


Right Angle (the new Trifecta), discusses Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s light sentence (11:42):

20 minutes of ‘action’.

One more snippet on Brock Turner, convicted rapist (1:38):

Now I hope he is subject to some jailhouse justice over the next few months.  That is all.






BBQ on the Brazos makes their restroom policy very clear:

How very politically incorrect is that.  But this is Texas.


Seems like a justified shooting in my mind:

Since this was Texas, I doubt if any charges will be filed against the business/home owner.


The real reason marijuana is illegal, according to Joe Rogan (4:23):

Careful here, Joe’s making a whole lot of sense.




Law Enforcement


Another story that solidifies settled law, police have no legal obligation to protect you from harm caused by others:

San Jose, CA Trump rally.  This is why you have legal right to carry a weapon to protect yourself and your family.  You can’t have it both ways.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that the San Jose chief of police (Eddie Garcia) is a huge supporter of La Raza:

I wonder how many of these protestors were there and were not being paid to protest and/or cause physical or property damage?  Riots can be fun!


There is no doubt in my mind this was a totally justified shooting (1:11):

How many times do I have to say this, never bring a knife to a gun fight.


On the other hand, ex-officer Timothy Runnels is now serving 4 years in jail for violating Bryce Masters rights (1:56):

Bryce Masters was tasered for 21 seconds and went into cardiac arrest.






Gary Johnson interview with Samantha Bee (TBS-Full Frontal) (6:04):

This is not only informative but very funny, recommended watch.


Gary Johnson is now pulling at 12%, this is great considering that 68% of Americans still don’t know who he is:


Clare Malone attempts to explain what it means to be a libertarian:


Here’s a 20 year old essay originally written in January of 1996 by the late William Safire working for the New York Times:

‘Blizzard of Lies’.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Hillary is unfit to be president (19:46):

She is a habitual liar and all around mean person…and those are some of her good points.


I wonder how many CIA assets were exposed over Hillary’s illegal email setup? (:34):


Andrew Napolitano explains why Hillary should be charged (4:08):

…and this interview as well (4:42):

Napolitano is in high demand this week, here he is once again (3:34):

Napolitano was a judge and is a Constitutional scholar, he should know.


If elected, Hillary vows to strengthen Dodd-Frank (6:34):

Issue discussion starts at 3:40.  This would not be good.


How many of the 8 strategies of the Cloward-Piven plan are already in play?:

Article by Bethany Blankley.  Hillary is a big believer in Saul Alinsky and a huge fan:

I case you need proof.


Watch Hillary lie on national TV (2:41):

To ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a trusted friend.


The state department is doing everything they can to help Hillary:

Seals all TPP related emails until after the election.  Maybe the FBI will let us know what they say.  Such a snake, how can she lose? 


CNN, things that should make you wonder:

The glow was done post production.  The level that the Clinton News Network will go to still amazes me.


Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder) should know:

Google (do no evil) is in cahoots with Hillary, they aren’t even attempting to deny it.  Pay attention to where you get your information from.


A look back at ‘The Daisy Ad’ 52 years later:

Is it still relevant today?  Who’s crazier, Hillary or Donald?


This is funny (:59):

He’s one of us.  Bernie supporters beat up Bernie supporters.


Need more proof that the Trump protestors are merely paid stooges from a George Soros front group?:

Here you go, surprisingly cheap ($15 per hour).


It’s too bad that this guy couldn’t be our next president (1:27):

The time just wasn’t right…..yet.


Bill Whittle explains why Bernie Sanders ‘free college’ isn’t free (5:27):

Reality can be a real bitch.


Need a reason to not vote for Hillary? (2:09):






Is it fair? (1:49):

It seems that Alaska’s girls and their parents don’t think so either, reports Philip Hodges (2:14):

Men and women (biologically are very different).  In my feeble mind I don’t see how it can be.


I have found the perfect solution for all of the socialists out there (2:21):

Let me know when you sign up.


Project Veritas goes undercover to expose how far the Yonkers, NY teacher’s union will go to protect the teacher, not the student (17:39):

And when Project Veritas questions the union president about it, she blatantly lies about it (3:08):

Now the Yonkers city council wants the union officials fired (2:03):

And the mayor too (2:10):

Anyone that thinks teachers’ unions are advocates for the student, use this as a reality check.

I’m waiting for the backlash on Project Veritas on this, there usually is.






There’s a special place in hell for ISIS fighters that do things like this (1:45):


The death of free speech in Europe (6:27):

How soon until we have the same?  I will not submit.




Perry Sheetz


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