The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 476.


 Melissa Quinn provides an update on the civil asset forfeiture case of Vocatura’s Bakery.  The day after the Institute for Justice filed a lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of the Vocatura family, the IRS has amended their civil asset forfeiture case to criminal asset forfeiture status.

The IRS has been in possession of $68K of Vocatura’s money for over 3 years and have never filed any paperwork, when called out on it, the IRS offered the Vocatura’s a plea deal.  The Vocatura’s refused.

The IRS is now demanding the last 8 years of financial records for the business.  This family bakery has been in business for 97 years…why are we allowing this to happen?:



Judge Andrew Napolitano offers his legal insight into Hillary’s email scandal along with Guccifer’s revelations over what occurred (9:10):

I don’t know how charges can be avoided, but with this bogus DoJ anything is possible.


Jake Tapper segment on CNN called ‘Buried Lead’…yes, the Obama administration does lie to you (4:12):

…and it’s a recurring theme with this lying, deceitful administration.  Nixon resigned from office over much less.

Why is our congress so timid about calling Obama out for this, we demand and deserve so much better.


Ben Swann reality check on the FDA war on e-cigarettes (2:36):


Michael Tennant reports on those sneaky senators that are trying to take away your 4th amendment rights:

Hey, you’ve gotta stop the terrorists…right?


This single email is THE ‘smoking gun’ that should put Hillary in jail:

Thank you WikiLeaks:

Why hasn’t she been charged?:

Hillary Clinton is a serial liar.


The Benghazi report is about to be released, but house democrats (led by Elijah Cummings) want to be able to rewrite it before we can see it.

Trey Gowdy needs to tell them to pound sand, they have done everything in their power to obstruct and undermine the committee since the investigation began TWO YEARS AGO:

Partisan politics doesn’t get much worse than this, democrats never wanted this investigation to succeed and it has become very apparent through their own actions.


Phil Mocek is a resident of Seattle, WA and wanted more information on ‘smart meters’ being installed in his neighborhood:

That’s where the problems started.  Mocek is now being sued by the manufacturer of the ‘smart meters’.


Maxim Lott reports on FOIA requests from climate scientists and how they were crafting messages to have government go after anybody that was disputing their ‘findings’.

What many fail to realize is taxpayers pay billions of dollars to fund this ‘climate research’ and these scientists were concerned that they could possible lose their golden goose.

What they failed to realize is as public funded universities, their e-mail is subject to FOIA requests:

Oops.  I guess they didn’t learn anything from Hillary after all.


The EFF provides us with another reason to not get a tattoo (at least in a visible area):

Government police agencies have been working with NIST to develop recognition software to identify you based on your tattoos.  Who knew?



Constitutional Issues

 This is a rather lengthy and highly informative article on being a fully informed juror (something that is frowned upon in our legal system today).

Written by Elias Alias, it explains in detail (with supporting statements) all that being a juror today should be:

A jury is to be considered the 4th branch of government…the way our founders intended.  It’s sad that we have allowed our legal system to be corrupted from within.


Two notions that are not true.  1. Government is here to protect us.  2. We own our property.

Read this story about 90 year old widow Marie Louise Sikorskie from Sarasota, FL:

Here’s a local news report (2:22):

Because of adverse media coverage, city officials may consider it in their best interests to back off the escalating fines (stealing a 90 year old widow’s home just isn’t good PR) and dropping this case.


Todd Starnes reports on what is clearly a 1st amendment issue:

Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale California is totally wrong here.


What to do when stopped by police (1:36):

Assert your Constitutional Rights.


Hans von Spakovsky reports federal judge (Andrew Hanen) orders a group of Washington DC DoJ lawyers to undergo mandatory ethics training annually as part of their punishment for lying to the judge (it could have been much worse):

DoJ AG Loretta Lynch instructs her department to ignore the order.  Where does she get the authority to disregard a federal court order?  I am so tired of all this administration’s lies and deceit.  How about you?




 Did you wonder why the Iranian capture/detention of US sailors didn’t seem to make a big splash with the MSM? (2:57):

Obama buried it.  We’ll know more after he leaves office.  This is no way to run a country!




 If you use Microsoft and have made the jump to Windows 10; here are 25 free tools to make the experience better:


As water becomes more and more valuable, you will see more of this.

Nestle loses at the ballot box as Hood River County, Oregon voters overwhelmingly defeat Nestle attempts to sell their water:

I guess we in the Midwest are blessed to have such bountiful supplies of drinkable water, it won’t be this way forever.



Bundy/Hammond Ranch

 If you wish to take the next step and financially help a patriot that is being held as a political prisoner in the US:


These fathers and husbands need to be home supporting and raising their families, not being held as political prisoners by our own government (10:04):

If you can, please support these patriots.


An off-shoot of the Bundy/Hammond situation, Garfield County, Utah sheriff Danny Perkins warns the federal government to stop attempts to close off public lands in his county:

It’s worth mentioning that Danny Perkins is a Constitutional Sheriff and he won’t take orders from the BLM or USFS and will arrest them if they do this again.


It would be very interesting to know the complete Dan Love story.  Love was one of the BLM leaders of the Bundy Ranch fiasco.

He was just promoted to the overseer of security for the BLM facilities nationwide (a new position for the BLM):

His heavy-handed gestapo tactics in Nevada don’t sit well with me.  It would be interesting for a real journalist to investigate this man’s past.




 The Libertarian Party has selected Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee.  Expect to see me posting more about him as the campaign continues.

I’ll start with this one, the 3rd party candidate, Gary Johnson (4:09):

Are you looking for an honest candidate?  How refreshing.


Steve Byas article on the Libertarian VP candidate William Weld:

Scratching my head on this pick.  Weld is no libertarian as far as I can tell.  This doesn’t mean I won’t vote for Johnson, he’s much closer to my philosophy than Trump or Hillary could ever hope to be.

But come on, Weld?  That’s as bad as when they nominated Bob Barre in 2008.  (Petersen would have been my choice.)


Ben Swann reality check on the upcoming presidential election (3:02):

Libertarians…it’s now or never.


Add Honduras to countries where Hillary totally messed up, and because of our media you don’t even know it (6:28 & 2:08):

Wow, and most Americans don’t even know about it.


Bernie Sanders is not ready for the office (5:27):

His one trick pony just isn’t resonating with the majority of his own party any longer.


I find it interesting that protestors at Trump events are being paid to protest:

I wonder if this person committing violence was paid to do so (4:06):

Well, that explains at least some of the violence.  San Jose mayor blames the violence on Trump.  This is going to backfire and make Trump even more popular.


Obama is asked about gun violence during a PBS Newshour (5:37):

Sorry, I don’t equate a car to a gun, call me stupid.




 Never bring a crowbar to a home invasion of an armed homeowner:

Don’t do it.  It’s just not a good idea.


One of the most ironic things about Couric’s ‘under the gun’ documentary is 2 felonies were committed by the producers to acquire guns (:35):

I wonder if they will be charged?  Ha-ha-ha, under this administration?


Greg Gutfeld gets the final word on the Katie Couric’s deceptive ‘under the gun’ video (2:23):

Check and mate.


Fast and Furious, the scandal nobody is talking about.  Paul Sperry explains how Obama attempted to destroy our 2nd amendment (for our own safety):

Transparent administration my butt, this ‘executive privilege’ has been going since his first term.  Like most everyone else in Obama’s DoJ, they should be in jail; and Obama should be impeached.



Odds and Ends

 Intellectual Froglegs in a briefer format (5:48):

Things I trust more than Barack Obama.


Is England really much different than the US? (4:22):

Your kids are not my responsibility, they’re your responsibility.


Husband finds his wife about to be violently raped, kills fleeing rapist with a tire iron:

I’m good with that.  Too bad he now faces charges.  Anybody ever hear of jury nullification?

Looks like the district attorney has at least some heart by reducing the charges (2:01):

Probation only?  I’m good with probation.


Be careful for what you wish for:

Philippines’ new president Rodrigo Duterte appears to be a real piece of work.


Georgia ACLU director Maya Smith has resigned from her position (3:28):

The reason may surprise you.  It’s like a light bulb just went off for her.


Do stupid things, say stupid things:

Get suspended from your job.  Sounds about right.


How to mail a letter for three cents:

But you have to follow the instructions.


It seems every conservative state has at least one liberal enclave; in Texas it’s Austin, in Oregon it’s Portland:

Portland Public Schools are changing the way the schools teach about climate science.


What the heck are Plano, TX school officials doing in prohibiting National Honor Society members from wearing their stoles (called cords in my day)?:

Just because the majority of students today do not wish to put in the hard work and time for NHS distinction, you punish those that do by not allowing them any recognition?

Have we really devolved to ‘participation trophies’ when it comes to NHS?  SMH.


Muhammad Ali passed away this week, he changed the world.  Here’s a fitting tribute to Ali, performed by Billy Crystal (12:02):

Called ’15 Rounds’.  This is very good.  


Perry Sheetz


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