The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 475

Remember what the holiday is all about.  Some gave all.




No honor among thieves:

Ransomware just pisses me off to no end.


Network World is once again recommending Mozilla’s Firefox browser:

…and if you’ve made the decision to try the new Firefox, 5 add-ons you should consider to make you more productive online:


A group of conservative bloggers sit down to discuss the absurdity of facebook censoring (9:46):






When will the madness stop? (2:35):

Unfortunately, not anytime soon.


Oregon sure does has some funny laws (3:38):

Maybe social media can embarrass the prosecutor to do their job?


The New York Times exposed the Obama administration scandal regarding GSE’s (Fannie & Freddie).  Frank and Brian explain it so even I understand it (7:10):

I honestly believe Obama is attempting to destroy this country before he leaves office.  Yes, it’s really that bad.


Jahmal Green just turned 18, so sad that he choose the life he did because it’s over now (2:24 & 3:18):

Eric Brantley was murdered by two punk asses that probably never had any guidance growing up (speculation on my part), I ask again…where was Jahmal’s father?


Lucian Constantin provides an in depth look into Romanian ‘social hacker’ Guccifer (Marcel Lazar):

He’s not really a hacker as he has no programming skills, but he is one heck of a detective for uncovering information used for password hints.


This is what freedom looks like (3:43):

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?






Jim White and Tim Brown interview (podcast) with Ron Gibson (55:29):

Do you want to be educated on the Constitution?  Read this short article and listen to this interview.


It’s very simple.  Only citizens are allowed to vote in national elections (Constitutional law).  If California (and other states that allow illegal aliens to vote in national elections) continue to allow non-citizens to vote:

Then all votes from those states must be thrown out.  Is it really that difficult to understand?  Heck, just change the background on the license to distinguish citizen from non-citizen and adjust the ballot given accordingly.






Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall (5:33):

The Bathroom Wars.


Jay Syrmopoulos reports that Saudi Arabia has accused the US government of blowing up the world trade center as a pretext for perpetual war:

These thoughts are no more insane than anyone the believes two jets can bring down two 110 story skyscrapers along with a 55 story building (falling conveniently into their own footprints…three times in one day).

The ability of some to believe what they are told is truly astounding, no matter how outrageous.


A well written op-ed on the current patriot/progressive movement, by David Codrea:

To change opinions, we need to educate the minds.


I can attest to this fact:

Three of my four children still live under my roof, but only one is still in school.


Sam Rolley writes ‘just another day in Orwellian paradise’:

Facial recognition has progressed to a scary point.


An op-ed by Mac Slavo that I am in complete agreement with…while condemning the actions of Jerad & Amanda Miller:

Armed patriots are preparing to defend against federal encroachment.  It is unfortunate that I stand in a minority on this issue.


Julie Prince with an op-ed that I may have to heed to advice of:

As my children grow and mature, one of them is veering off course (in my opinion).


Do you think a 7 year old should be able to make this decision for themselves?:

Heck, this wouldn’t have even occurred to me until I was an adolescent myself.


Government education has really paid off (4:23):

Jesse Waters exposes just how little US citizens know about their own country.






This Detroit homeowner and his wife are alive because he had a gun (1:32):

It’s too bad the other one got away (for now).


Bob Owens reports on the fact Katie Couric has lost her last shred of journalistic integrity to promote her anti-gun beliefs:

Here are the facts:

Not pissed yet?  Here’s concrete evidence Katie is deliberately trying to make gun right advocates look stupid (:20 and 4:45):

Bye, Bye Katie.


Rule to live by: never bring nun chucks and a bad attitude to a gun fight (2:38):

You will get shot…multiple times.






I believe I have mentioned my utter hatred of civil asset forfeiture laws.  Any government that allows this to occur without following the Constitution is illegitimate in my mind:

Melissa Quinn reports on the tribulations of Maryland farmer Calvin Taylor and Connecticut baking family the Vocatura’s . 

Even though they DID NOTHING WRONG, the government convinced Taylor to surrender over $41K of HIS MONEY to the IRS, just to make them go away.

Read these stories, it should make you angry…or beyond.


Why can’t congress punish the IRS for these Constitutional violations?:

Maybe if we start throwing some IRS executives in jail something will get done.

Seizing assets of citizens without ‘due process’ is clearly an un-Constitutional action, citizens must feel safe from their government, I don’t feel safe and I don’t consent to this.

In fact, it’s enough to make me want to start a revolution to change this.


One of the good ones (Thomas Massie) (R-KY), discusses how Washington really works in this article.  Article by Tim Brown, Jack Abramoff video by RT (12:14):

Massie didn’t take the bribe and exposes Washington for the cesspool it is.  Is it really that hard to find 535 honest people to represent us?  Demand better, vote smarter.


Senators Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse are once again attempting allow even more government intervention regarding the internet:

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) explains.


Stephen Frank reports the EPA is ‘buying’ their independent science advisors:

Hey, it cost taxpayers $190 million for this ‘unbiased’ data.  What’s the saying, ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you’?


How to waste $305 million on Obamacare in one state:

Oregon’s governor John Kitzhaber is now under investigation by the federal government on where the money went.

Obamacare mismanagement at its finest. 


It’s a sad state of affairs when the senate actually has to send a letter to the DoJ to remind them of the 1st amendment:

Giving the DoJ 14 days to cease and desist.


Arkansas senator Tom Cotton reached his limit with Nevada senator Harry Reid (2:27):

Cotton unloads…this is great. J






Ronald Reagan discusses taxes with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show from 1975 (1:45):


Ben Swann and the anti-Trump GOP voters (3:30):

What will they do?


Ben Swann reality check on the upcoming democratic convention (3:12):

Will there be riots and protests?  Most likely.


Bernie’s entire campaign is based on just how wonderful socialism is.  But he doesn’t have time to explain the socialist collapses currently underway south of our border (:35):

Maybe his supporters should look into it as well?


The libertarians select their nominee for president this weekend.  If you haven’t had a chance to see any of the McAfee/Weiss videos you are truly missing out.

Here is one of my favorites, this is a great video that needs to go viral (5:29):

Watch this, you won’t be disappointed.


If that one was just a little too scary for you, here’s another video from the same creator with a more uplifting message (2:53):

They’re both damn good!


Austin Petersen sits down for an extended interview with Glenn Beck (34:57):

He deserves your consideration.


Gary Johnson says if he wins the party nomination, he’s in it to win it:

With as many anti-Trump (40%), anti-Hillary (40%) voters as there are, he just might be right.


The final libertarian debate before the party selects their nominee for president (1:56:37):

Which will be determined later today.  I think it will be Johnson but honestly any of them are better than my current options of Hitler or Mussolini.





I was surprised to find out Venezuela only outlawed private ownership of firearms in 2012:

4 years after being able to defend yourself was taken away, citizens have NO recourse to their current situation.  Noted.


Bob Adelmann article on how Venezuela will now save themselves.

It actually explains how things have gotten so bad, and socialism played a huge factor in it:

Grow your own food.




Perry Sheetz


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