The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 472.


Anthony Dephue article that is a must read (2:40):

The Bundy Ranch fallout has reached a boiling point.  What exactly will we allow our government to do here?


LaVoy Finicum, freedom is colorblind (1:43):


Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore has an unconventional opinion on BLM and LEO’s (:59):

I’m not saying I disagree, but it will probably lead to someone getting shot (probably me).


Eric Parker, a US political prisoner from the Bundy Ranch speaks from prison (43:56):

I still contest the wrong people are in jail over this, the ones behind bars should be the government officials that were in violation of the US Constitution.


Virginia governor (Terry McAuliffe) learns that he can’t violate the states’ Constitution either:

Felons cannot vote, period.


Nathan Smith (a Captain in the US Army) is suing Obama on grounds he does not have Constitutional authority to wage war against ISIS/ISIL:

Ballsy move Captain Smith.


Oh, the irony (3:31):

You should really watch this video.  The New Jersey police officers involved are being sued for their actions.

Understand the Constitution is written to protect you from government actions just like this incident.


It is long past time that states exercise their 10th amendment rights against our federal government.  Kansas gets it, 12 other states are getting it:

The executive branch cannot force undue financial burdens on states to accept refugees without a financial plan behind it.

I guess the federal government will bribe states with more money, that’s how you keep the states inline now-days.


Francis Rawls (a former sergeant with the Philadelphia police department) has been in solitary confinement for 7 months for refusing to unlock the encryption codes on his computers so authorities can access his data (:23):

Has the judicial system completely forgotten we have a 5th amendment to the ‘Bill of Rights’, preventing exactly this issue?


Tim Brown reports that Alabama chief justice Roy Moore is under investigation by the ‘court of the judiciary’ for his stance on gay marriage:

Until Alabama changes their state Constitution, I believe that judge Roy Moore’s decision is correct.






Michael Haverluck reports that capitalism is rejected by a majority of adults under the age of 30:

And I blame this entirely on our current government school system that doesn’t teach basic economics anymore.


Alex Newman reports on what our DoE want to do next to our children:

This doesn’t surprise me one bit.


The man behind the movement; the interesting story about Terry Bean:

If you want to know who/where the lunacy behind the current wave of ‘bathroom bills’ is coming from.  Very enlightening.


51 Illinois families have decided to get in front of the latest ruling from a local Illinois school district and their decision to open up bathrooms/locker rooms to both sexes:

A direct challenge to the DoE Title IX redefinition of sex.  This is going to SCOTUS, it has to.






Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) certainly recognizes the power facebook wields over trending news, reports  Mikael Thalen:

How far facebook goes to censor the news remains to be seen, but I am confident that facebook will continue to be an evil and contemptable company.


Speaking of companies that do evil; what the heck did Microsoft just go and do?:

Or releasing patches without explanations:

They better stop sabotaging Windows 7 users to force upgrades to Windows 10 or risk a mass exodus to open source solutions.


The longest standing Sears store in the nation will be closing its doors in August:

It has been open since 1925.




Odds and Ends


Jerry Seinfeld discusses PC today w/ Seth Meyers and John Cleese on Late Night (4:11):

I’m offended that others are offended.


Monsanto has NO sense of humor:


On the transgender bathroom issue?  Let the madness continue (2:15):


PJTV will go dark on 5/11/16.  Here’s the final Trifecta (12:03):

I’ll miss Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green.  They entertained me.


New Orleans, are they trying to take the gun capital title from Detroit and Chicago? (7:39):

This is insanity, how raised these young men?


Father-Daughter dance at Brockman Elementary School (Columbia, SC) cancelled; not inclusive enough (1:43):


Captain Clay Higgins (formerly of the St. Landry Parish, LA sheriff’s department), is becoming quite the star (5:45):

I see a future in politics for this man.


Survivalists consider a world with networked computers after a SHTF scenario (various):

Or this Chinese inventor of a semi-submersible for a post-apocalyptic world (1:02):

Never underestimate human ingenuity.






Alex Newman reports that a copy of TTIP leaked and outrage over it is growing but here at home as well as in Europe:

Why is Obama pushing so hard for the globalist trade agreement, it hurts citizens and destroys Constitutional protections, all to help big business.


Paul Sperry article on increasing section 8 housing vouchers to force more suburbs that are priced out of the reach of those financially disadvantaged to accept more of those unable to afford really nice housing options:

This has failed miserably where tried in recent years, Obama wants this to be a signature of his administration is his closing months in office.

It is not a secret that I am against my tax dollars being used for such things, how do you feel about it?


The next time you hear a mandate for a national minimum wage, look to Puerto Rico and see what happened:

Government should never dictate a mandatory wage for any job.


Dean Chambers says we need to pay attention to the Puerto Rico debt crisis and not allow the territory to declare a Chapter 9 bankruptcy:

Hedge fund managers (not you and me) will make a lot of money if it’s granted, taxpayers will once again be sacrificed to pay off debt not incurred by us.

This is a microcosm of what is wrong with our country.  Hey, what’s wrong with $70 billion among friends?


David Kreutzer article explains that state A/G’s have begun to go after organizations that question global warming data:

More on this subject:

Obama’s DoJ said they would.  Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 and ‘thought crimes’.  The data doesn’t lie (except when it gets changed by government).

A think tank (Competitive Enterprise Institute) has been subpoenaed for pointing out what the data shows.

Hans von Spakovsky digs into this story deeper (much deeper):


Obama has now commuted 306 people during his time in office (more to come I’m sure).  None of the prisoners he has commuted were guilty of any violent crime against another, almost all were for drug charges:

I actually applaud his efforts but can’t forget that the Bundy family members remain in jail and denied bail, while the Hammond family is back in jail after serving their initial jail sentences.

…and don’t get me started on the entire Oregon thing again.


Arizona government officials are asking Oregon government officials for a full and independent investigation into LaVoy Finicum’s murder:


Paul Joseph Watson reports on a judge removing a child from her mother over her belief’s in chemtrails:

Thought police at work against the ‘fringe subculture’.  Be careful for what you think.


Ben Swann ponders why this wasn’t a ‘war crime’ (3:05):

Actually, it’s a very valid question.  Why wasn’t it a war crime?


Bill Whittle’s ‘Firewall’ where Bill points out Obama’s failures in diplomacy (6:29):

Let’s say this is less than flattering, but I found it highly entertaining.


Katrina Trinko writes, should taxation be used to modify behavior?:

In my opinion, certainly not…but I’m in a minority.


Sam Rolley reports that government (CIA/NSA) spying without warrants has increased over the past year:

Caroline Craig offers her opinion on the same subject matter:

…and this:

Not pissed about this yet?  Then read this article:

Think someone’s watching you?  Don’t worry, they probably are.  I do not consent.






There was a reason it took almost 4 years and numerous court orders for this to be released.  There was a reason Susan Rice went on all the news shows (and not Hillary, Obama, Biden or Carney) to explain it was an internet video that caused it.

Tim Brown reports on Judicial Watch and their long term attempts to get this information released, 4 years later will anyone care?:

There is no statute of limitations on this type of executive branch corruption, impeach and arrest those guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.






A favorite tagline for Hillary supporters is ‘she has experience’:

Rick Jensen examines that ‘experience’ in more detail.  After reading this, do you agree that she has experience?


Hillary, we all KNOW the FBI has been interviewing your staff over your home brewed email server as SoS:

I’m confused on why you would lie about that fact.


Hillary, you’ve just been busted (4:50):

She was just ‘misstated’.  Sorry, I saw exactly what he was referring to, she was very clear in ‘destroying coal’ just like Obama.

How did unemployed coal miner Bo Copley even get a seat at Hillary’s hand selected ‘round table’ to ask his question, one might ask?:


Romanian hacker (Marcel Lazar) says hacking Hillary’s email server was easy (3:09):

Marcel, who goes by the hacker handle of ‘Guccifer’ has been extradited to the US in conjunction with the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server:

Marcel further states he was just one of many who successfully accessed her SoS email server.


Investigation is starting to wrap up, Huma Abedin was questioned by the FBI a couple of weeks ago:

No details have been released on how that went.


Our last truly great president?  How far has the office fallen?  JFK speech about secret societies (5:23):

It’s downright sad when you think about it.


What I found interesting in this interview is the date it was said (9:02):

June 19th, 2015.  Ann Coulter, don’t like her but she was right.


A funny thing happened when Trump secured the GOP nominee:

It’s a great time to be a libertarian.


It looks like in need to do a little outreach for the libertarian party, I think I’ve found five more potential votes for the libertarian nominee:

Romney, the Bushes and Graham J


Obama’s final white house correspondents’ dinner (4:45):

Couch commander.


Obama talks about using ‘common sense’? (31:05):

Ironic, since he doesn’t have any to begin with.


Judge Thomas Schroeder applies some common sense to voter ID laws:

Larry O’Connor reports that North Carolina’s voter iD law will stand as passed.


Ben Swann points out the folly of political parties (3:46):

When will we learn?  The D/R paradigm prevents you from having a vote in the process.


Forrest Bennett (running for OK state house) is making the best of a bad situation (1:51):




Perry Sheetz


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