The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics Issue 471.



Burt Folsom (historian and professor at Hillsdale College) explains why private investment works and government investment doesn’t (5:53):


You should watch this video.


Josh Gerstein reports that the courts are ‘extremely concerned’ that the NSA and FBI are spying on us without the courts approval:


And this surprises who?


Have you ever heard Marine Major General and American patriot, Smedley Darlington Butler’s speech in front of the American Legion annual convention ‘War is a Racket’ (8:54):


If you have, watch it again.  If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed.

The story behind the story, the fascist plot to overthrow FDR (40:49):


Where they tried to recruit Butler to lead a ‘new military’…it didn’t work.


So, will our government be stupid enough to pass TPP?  History is not on our side (8:00):


You should probably watch this, we’re about to screwed royally this time.  It’ll make NAFTA look good in comparison.


This appeals court ruling isn’t very reassuring:


The CIA does not have to disclose info on who they kill via drone.  A true license to kill.


Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) exposes congress for exactly what it is in this radio interview with Brian Thomas at WKRC in Cincinnati, OH (17:28):


If this were done at the local level of government, they would be in jail.  I do not consent as Constitutionally we are supposed to be a republic that REQUIRES us all to be represented equally.


So what recourse do you have when a government employee tries to destroy your family?:


How much reparation is enough for attempting to destroy a family that chooses to homeschool.


A big part of the problem with government land in the west is we don’t have a good understanding of the issues.  This op-ed by Rex Steninger may help:


This web site provides much more info on Nevada’s plight with the federal government:


Ben Swann reality check on the ’28 pages’ of the 9/11 report we haven’t been able to read (3:28):


I have long maintained there is a revolving door between government agencies and the businesses they regulate.

Here’s the latest example between the FDA and Johnson & Johnson, a RICO lawsuit has been filed against former FDA chairwoman Margaret Hamburg and a defective drug (Levaquin):


Greed and corruption, nothing more and nothing less.


Judge Napolitano explains the 4th amendment as only he so eloquently can:


Until now.


Happy 70th Birthday, Cliven Bundy (4:00):


If you’re reading this, you probably had a better day than Cliven (who’s in solitary confinement and denied bail because he is a flight risk).



It appears that anyone identified as a participant at the Bundy Ranch has been put on a terror watch list:


This is beginning to get scary bad.


Tim Brown reports on how government has helped the media change the narrative on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon story:


Propaganda, recognize it for what it is.



A rare victory for property rights over government bureaucracy (4:03):


When you use the Constitution, you’re usually in good company.


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) points out that our government has spent (wasted would be a better term), $2.7 billion studying climate change:


This is not a misprint, $2.7 BILLION.  And another $18 billion spent to mitigate climate change.


Yet another government agency caught trying to change history to promote global warming:


Can we just admit all of this as political folly yet?


FEMA is a relatively new government agency and they just don’t seem to be able to do things right:


I recommend FEMA be disbanded and disaster relief be moved back to state control, where the governor has more input in making his/her state whole again.


Yet another blow to privacy:


SCOTUS rules the FBI and other LEO agencies can hack and surveil computers, regardless of jurisdiction.


Rachel Sheffiel reports on what happened when Kansas required work for food stamps:


Weird how that works, isn’t it?








I have long realized that FDR was no champion of freedom or liberty, but I never knew just how tyrannical he really was:


Until I read his 1944 state of the union address.


Just another indication that government schools are an utter failure at educating our children:


How much more student decline do we have to have before we put an end to this experiment and restore local control to our schools?










5 free anti-malware anti-virus products to help safeguard your PC:


With the proper caveats.


Is your smartphone tracking you?:


If you don’t do these things, yes.


Isn’t it sad that one company would jeopardize their entire business over a goofy bathroom policy to begin with?:


But only if the 800K 1,000,000+ people who signed a pledge to boycott Target follow through with their threats to stop shopping there.  Wal-Mart, here I come.

Can Target continue to weather this storm?:







General Silliness


Warner Todd Huston put together a list of 25+ stories highlighting the dangers of transgender bathroom policies:


Does common sense no longer apply in this country?


Story and opinion from Denise McAllister on what Dave and Hannah Edwards are trying to force a St. Paul, MN charter school to do to accommodate their 5 year old son/daughter:


Fortunately, the other children’s parents protested (vehemently) to prevent making ‘transgenderism’ part of the everyday curriculum for 5 year olds.  It looks like this is headed to the courts now.


Same story, different sex (girl wants to see penises) in Florida (1:17):


No government school has ever lost funding over this, it is not a Title IX issue because even Title IX doesn’t know what to do about this new phenomenon.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail soon?


Brent Bozell op-ed points out that the website ‘PolitiFact’ is actually:




Some left wing protestors at the University of Massachusetts crashed the wrong event when they went after Steven Crowder (4:43):


Simply wow.


California prisoners will now experience a large influx of transgenders as this new prison policy goes into effect:


Really, wouldn’t you want to be incarcerated with females rather than males too?



I haven’t listed a 9/11 conspiracy theory in quite some time.  Here’s one that has over 1 million views (41:47):


Enjoy, for entertainment value only.


Let me make this easy, you volunteer for the military, you volunteer to go to a military school (Citadel in this case):


If you don’t wish to abide by their rules, go elsewhere.  I’m tired of people wanting society to change the rules for them…instead of abiding by them to begin with.

Naturally, the Citadel is punishing the cadet (senior Nick Pinelli) who posted his opinion to his facebook page on this issue:


Project Veritas makes a mockery of gender neutral bathrooms on college campuses (6:30):


This is what happens when we forego common sense.


Finally, someone with a sense of humor weighs in on transgender bathrooms:


Best story on this issue I’ve seen all week.


It’s sad to see the George Soros funded ‘Democracy Spring’ being so successful in shutting down freedom of speech (:47):


Soros ‘Democracy Spring’ protest in California at a Trump rally was a raging success (2:12):


I’m not a Trump fan either, but this is only going to further galvanize Trump supporters.  Everybody has a right to speech, if you don’t like what they have to say…walk away or find your own location to protest.

This does nobody any good.


California has decided against a day celebrating John Wayne (4:23):


Sorry, but it doesn’t get much more ‘MERICAN than John Wayne.  Get your heads out of your butts, Californians.









Yet another story proving the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a well-trained good guy with one:


Orlando, FL gas station.


A Virginia firearms store strikes back:


And is suing lawmakers and residents for interfering with their LAWFUL business (hope they win too).


Pike County Ohio sheriff Charles Reader states if you fearful for your family, arm yourself (:42):


Speaking after the mass murder in his county that took 8 lives.


This happened in Alabama, so I’m sure the 11 year old (Chris Gaither) will not be charged (1:23):


But if this happened in a not so gun friendly state (CA, NY, NJ come to mind), this boy would be charged.







Other News


Lara Logan of CBS 60 minutes breaks her silence after 5 years to speak on her gang rape while covering the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt (13:37):


If you believe in freedom and justice, this story will make you furious.


Propaganda, be sure you can recognize it when you see it (1:14):


Follow-up story on US Army Sargent 1st Class Charles Martland:


He will not be discharged for his actions in Afghanistan.  A victory for decency.


Bradlee Dean op-ed, when conspiracy theory is proven as conspiracy fact (5:44):


This is how ISIS fighters really are (6:39):


They are NOT a well-oiled fighting machine.  I like to call this karma.


60 minutes Australia segment on how ALL cell phones can easily be bugged, tracked and hacked (19:20):


And there really isn’t much you can do about it.








One email hidden from 2014 could have brought all of this to light then (if it wasn’t deliberately withheld):


Can she just be jailed now and get it over with?


Broward County GOP official Bob Sutton is in trouble over this comment:


Gotta admit, that was a low blow.


After reading this article by Leah Barkoukis, I am encouraged that the libertarian candidate has a chance in this election:


Hitler versus Mussolini doesn’t sound like a very good choice does it?  Vote libertarian for a real change.  What do you really have to lose?





Perry Sheetz


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