RKS 9-24-13: Low (Cost) Fidelity

April considers a new career in low-cost tree removal while Rob ponders acting out the movie High Fidelity. Listen Here.

RKS – 9-18-13: The Admiral

April meets David Robinson and prepares to run a race. Rob is a good friend and appears interested. Listen Here.

RKS 9-10-13 – Jay Baker

Rob interviews Indianapolis radio legend Jay Baker. Listen Here.

RKS 9-4-13

Listen here.

RKS 8-28-13: Twerk

Rob and April ponder the status of Robin Thicke’s marriage after the VMAs. The pair also discuss the exploitation of minority voting blocks. Listen Here.

RKS 8-21-13 – Happy Birthday, Mr. Governor

Rob ponders ways to get the governor to give a speech at his birthday party, plus a thorough review of the “late night” menu at the local McDonald’s. Listen Here.

RKS 8-14-13: Fried Styx of Butter

Rob laments the break up of Styx and the decline of Hulk Hogan’s career. April offers expert advice on State Fair food. Listen Here. 

RKS 8-7-13: The Right Stuff?

April and Rob provide a thorough review of the New Kids on the Block/98 Degrees/Boyz II Men concert. April swoons while Rob mostly mocks Nick Lachey’s wardrobe choice and dance moves. Listen Here. 

RKS 7-31-13: Cake Boss

XRB Radio owner Shane Ray stops by to praise Rob’s pleasant demeanor. April screams at Rob for refusing to go downtown to meet “Cake Boss.” Typical hour on the Rob Kendall Show. Listen Here. 

RKS 7-24-13: Cut… It… Out…

This week Rob professes his love for Jodie Sweetin while April criticizes the studio decor. The pair also name drop like crazy in an attempt to receive free promotion. Listen Here.

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