Episode 026: TinderMania

A story of one man’s trolling exploits on Tinder causes Joe and Jason to run a gauntlet of celebrities. Will they swipe left or right? Also, it’s WrestleMania weekend!

Episode 25 – Jason’s Jury Duty Experience

While Joe described his experience thoroughly online, Jason also served on a jury this week. Find out more about his experience here.

Episode 24 – For Those About to Rock

Jason and Joe discuss a man receiving government welfare for his addiction to heavy metal, net neutrality, and Spiderman stepping into the Marvel Film Universe.

Episode 23 – Public Indecency

The guys leave you feeling dirty in this steamy episode regarding bad celebrity hygiene, out of the box feminine treatments, and why you should be careful visiting the library.

Episode 22: The Music Industry

Did Steve Jobs kill the music industry? Joe and Jason discuss Jon Bon Jovi’s recent claims as well as a man who is being sued for teaching blog readers how to hack cheaper flights.

Episode 21: WTF Politics

Description: Joe’s 5-Year Old Daughter Cami joins Joe and Jason to discuss the most odd Political Parties ever formed in the U.S.

Episode 20: EPISODE 20

Joe and Jason bring in the 20th Episode of the Culture & Arts Podcast by discussing 10 Things that Never Lasted 20 Episodes, as well as last week’s big DC Comics’ movie news.

Episode 19: Booty Calls

In this edition of the Culture & Arts Podcast, Joe and Jason tackle J.Lo’s new single ‘Booty ft. Iggy Azalea’, and discuss whether older pop stars try to hard to follow current musical trends. In addition, the most bizarre 9-1-1 Calls in History.

Episode 18: The Fappening

The Culture & Arts Podcast gets dirty as the ethics of this week’s controversial celebrity nude leaks are discussed. Also, legal prostitution and boutique coffee.

Episode 17: Unfiltered

Would a man fake his death to avoid marriage? And what celebrity interactions have been keeping Joe and Jason entertained? Find out on an unedited, and uncensored edition of The Culture & Arts Podcast.

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