Episode 15: Mostly Happy Holidays

Gena, Chris and Greg discuss the holidays and some updates. Listen Here.

Episode 14: Annulling Pots

Gena gives us a quick update on quitting stuff. Listen Here.

Episode 13: Committed

Gena shares her recent struggles that include time in a mental health facility, (allegedly) burning money, and mooning the neighbors. Listen Here.

Episode 12: Bad Religion

Gena tells stories of business woe, and then we go deep in to religion. Listen Here.

Episode 11: Gena’s Libertarian Streak

Don’t look Ethel!! Listen Here.

Episode 10: Yer Mah Boy Blue

Gena and Chris catch up on the week with Chris at home and Gena in New Orleans. About halfway through, we meet Gena’s neighbor Blue. He tells us about living in New Orleans and his experience in Katrina. Listen here.

Episode 9: Closure

Gena returns with a story of closure and growth. And shenanigans. Listen Here.

Episode 8: Moist

Gena fills us in on her week with an extra $100 in her pocket. And she says moist. A lot. Listen Here.

Episode 7: The Dirty Hippy Episode

Unclean tales from Gena’s weekend. And racism. Listen Here.

Episode 6: Back on Solid Footing

After a refreshing trip to Boston, Gena delves in to the personal lives of Chris and Samantha Spangle and Greg Lenz. Listen Here. 

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