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262: Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman – Gender Pay Gap, Trans Rights, Winning Debates

Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, and Creighton Harrington discuss why human nature and libertarianism are perfectly aligned by breaking down the Jordan Peterson debate with Cathy Newman on the BBC. We discuss economics, the wage gap between men and women, the best way to win a debate, human nature, the differences between men and women, social hierarchies, and why the future is libertarian.

261: Women’s Marches

Chris Spangle and Harry Price dissect the reactions to this past weekend’s Women’s Marches, and the male reaction to it.

260: Is Trump Libertarian? And FISA Section 702

Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, and Creighton Harrington reunite the original cast and discuss how little has changed since 2012, but everything is different. We ask if Trump is a libertarian President, and explain the reauthorization of FISA Section 702.

259: Trump’s “S-Hole,” Haiti’s Past, Aziz Ansari and #MeToo

Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss the s-hole comment, why the right can’t trust Trump, why is Haiti an s-hole, and Spangle explains the birds and bees to Aziz Ansari and the #MeToo movement.

258: Ross Ulbricht, Intel Chips, Louisiana School Board

Harry Price hosts ‘Low Key WAL’, a conversation with Stone Aldridge and the WAL discord. They cover YouTubers, the new Wednesday show going forward, Ross Ulbricht, Intel CPUs, and the Louisiana School Board arrest.

257: Is Trump Crazy? Sessions Targets Pot, James Risen

Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss the new Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury,” we consider the mental health of Donald Trump, explain the American hero that is James Risen, and why Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama marijuana rulings.

256: WAL Horse Race 1 – Maguire vs. Sipe

Chris Spangle introduces the We Are Libertarians Horse Race, a new concept for helping libertarian candidates raise money and their profile. Mark Rutherford, Michael Dixon, and Chris Spangle ask questions of two candidates. The candidate with the best campaign will come out of this show with the WAL endorsement, $500 of consulting services from Mark and Michael’s political consulting firm, and we will ask our audience to donate a boatload of money to their campaign.

We are launching the We Are Libertarians Horse Race Club. Club members will donate $10 a month (or more) to promote this episode on the We Are Libertarians Facebook to raise awareness of their two campaigns. Sign up at Libertarian-leaning candidates of any party can sign up there as well.

255: About Us – The 10 Principles of We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Harry Price explain the 10 Principles of We Are Libertarians. If you are new to the show, start here.

254: Basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Chris Spangle, Jesse Riddle, and Jeff Erdman discuss the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocoin currencies. What is it? Is it a safe way to invest or purchase items? What are the best currencies to use? How does one get started? We cover all the basics.

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