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241: Niger and The Expansion of the War On Terror

Chris Spangle, Brett Bittner, and Brian Nichols discuss the expansion of the war on terror into Africa, how it happened, and what it means for the future of the American military. Spangle then gets keto curious.

240: Net Neutrality, Rand Paul’s New Privacy Bill, Flake & Corker

Chris Spangle and Harry Price cover the new moves on Net Neutrality, Rand Paul’s new privacy bill, and the Senate revolt against Trump.

239: Phyllis’s Story – Fighting Medicare For Her Life

In a continuation of The Cost: The Human Toll of Public Policy, Phyllis Klosinski explains her fight against Medicare to receive the lifesaving treatment she needs, and how the government prevents it at every turn. She also touches on our duty to fight for our rights.

238: #MeToo and The Morality of Strip Clubs

Chris Spangle, Kristi Avery, Tanner Perdew, Maranda Barnett and Aeris Stewart discuss the #MeToo movement. We also discuss the morality and economics of strip clubs.

237: State of the State

Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Chris Gault discuss some changes in WAL’s future.

014: Alone in the World

Maranda talks about her feelings of isolation because of her career.

013: NFL Kneelers and Las Vegas Shooters

Maranda gives her opinion on the NFL Kneelers and Las Vegas Shooters.

012: Single Motherhood from 15 On

Maranda discusses her life as a single mom from the age of 15 and up.

236: Libertarian Documentarian Travis Irvine on Running for Mayor, Why Spangle Hates Facebook

Libertarian filmmaker and comedian Travis Irvine discusses his documentary “American Mayor” on Amazon Prime. Irvine also explains how the GOP killed the Libertarian Party of Ohio, and what it’s like to work with Roger Stone. Spangle also explains why he hates the Facebook audience. Watch the documentary:

235: The Truth About Facebook Selling Russian Nationals Advertising

Chris Spangle and Harry Price explain Facebook selling ads to Russians, and why it doesn’t really matter in a previous bonus episode. Harry also gives us a tech tip.

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