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Episode 153: Updates on the 2016 LP Convention

Chris Spangle, Joe Ruiz, Chloe Anagnos, and Brett Bittner break down the final Libertarian Party Presidential debate. Bittner and Chloe tell us what the atmosphere is like in Orlando, and we discuss who will win the nomination for both President or Vice President.

Greg Lenz On Rob Kendall’s Show

Greg Lenz joins Rob Kendall on Central Indiana today to mock Spangle and wax poetic about Trump.

Episode 152: WAL Live with Rupert Boneham on Private Charity, Economic Development, and Running a Campaign

Comedian Jeff Vibbert introduces Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and 2012 Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate and Survivor contestant Rupert Boneham on their second live show. They discuss Rupert’s charity Rupert’s Kids and how it transforms the lives of young men and women caught in the poverty cycle and criminal justice system while doing economic redevelopment for a town in Indiana without a dime of government help. They also discuss his novel run for Governor with his campaign manager Evan McMahon. And Brett Bittner stops by with a preview of the Libertarian Party National Convention and we predict the POTUS and VPOTUS races. We also discuss Greg’s new girlfriend. The audio is much, much better than last time.

Chris Spangle Talks Third Parties on Rob Kendall’s Show

“Chris Spangle joins me tonight to indict the two party system. We talk the governor’s race, 3rd party chances in 2016, and my amazing interview with Trump. Tune in at 7 or anytime via podcast.” – Rob Kendall

Episode 151: The Rising Libertarian Tide

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and Jeremiah Morrell discuss the rising libertarian tide, the LP Presidential candidates viability, and how we can distinguish ourselves in this political climate. We also discuss what principle backs each political party. This episode is safe for work.

Interview: Rob Kendall talks to Donald J. Trump

Rob Kendall interviews Donald J. Trump. In the first 30 seconds, the listener will hear that Rob is not a fair and balanced journalist. Chris Spangle personally disavows all statements of adoration made by Rob Kendall in this podcast.

Episode 150: Trump, God Emperor or Trumpertantrum?

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, Harry Price, and Rob Kendall discuss Rob’s interview with Donald Trump and then debate if Donald Trump is a hero or villain. Join us for the next We Are Libertarians Live on May 23!

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