Archives for October 2015

Episode 129: GOP and Democratic Debate Recaps, The Media

Chris, Greg, Ryan Ripley, Aaron Ewert, Tyler Weiss, and Sam Nix discuss the recent debates and the trouble with the media in our relentless POTUS campaign cycles.

Episode 128: Drones and Democrats

Chris is joined by Chloe Anagnos and Rodger Paxton to discuss drone strikes and their effectiveness. They also discuss the Democratic field for President.

Spangle on Rob Kendall: The state of the Libertarian Party

Chris Spangle joins Rob Kendall on his show on Central Indiana Today to discuss the state of the libertarian movement.

Episode 127: Jason Stapleton on his Media Empire, Putin and Speaker of the House

Chris and Greg are joined by budding media mogul Jason Stapleton of the Jason Stapleton Program to discuss starting his own libertarian talk show, Putin and Syria, and the race for the Speaker of the House.

Episode 126: Rob Kendall on Changing it from the Inside

Chris welcomes Rob Kendall. Rob is a BIG Republican. Chris and Rob debate the merits of the Libertarian Party and “changing it from the inside.”

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