Archives for June 2015

Episode 116: Spanking City Hall

Chris and Greg chat with Melyssa Hubbard, a former dominatrix that turned the persecution of her business into a political movement that ousted a mayor in a major city. Get her book Spanking City Hall here.

Episode 115: Dolezal and Charleston

Chris, Greg, Chris Peffers and Harry Price discuss Rachel Dolezal and the Charleston shootings.

Episode 114: Brutalist Trolls and Political Correctness

Chris and Greg welcome two libertarian trolls, Aaron Ewert and Tyler Weiss, to the show to discuss political correctness and social justice warriors. This episode was recorded with 113, but was split into two and posted on separate days to screw with Aaron and Tyler. Also, NSFW.

Episode 113: Libertarian Candidates

Chris, Greg, Aaron Ewert, and Tyler Weiss speak to Mark Rutherford of the LNCC on the path to victory for Libertarian Party candidates.

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